Melissa And Doug Train Table Review

If you have the space, a play table can be a great piece for any family home. We recently received the Melissa And Doug Train Table, which has been a huge hit with our little boy. He has so much fun setting everything up on the train table and then tearing it all down, only to build something else on it!



The train table was extremely easy to assemble: my husband got this baby built in less than 20 minutes flat. Not bad at all.


One of my favorite features of this table is this hidden drawer. It makes it so convenient to store extra toys in, without anyone having to see them, and without them being all over my floor!

To give you an idea of size, here it is set up with the Melissa And Doug train set, but any train set would work! If your kids aren’t into trains, it also makes a great set up for other things, like crafts, legos etc. Often times my son will take his train set off the table, put all the pieces in the handy drawer, and play Ninja Turtles on it. It keeps him occupied.


I absolutely love the additional drawer, as it’s a great place to store toys in. I also love that you can store things under this table. We have a small box of toys that we keep under the table that no one can ever see but my son can easily get to them.


The table measures 17.75 x 33 x 50 inches and generally retails for $149.99, but it is currently on Amazon for $108.99. It is recommended for kids ages three years and up, but two year olds could also get good use out of it.


We keep it pushed against the wall when it’s only my son but when friends come over we pull it out so everyone can walk around it as they please. It’s large enough to fit many children, and is always a big hit!

Don’t let the words “train table” fool you though, you really can use this for so many things besides just trains. If you’ve got little girls this would be the ideal table to play barbies or doll houses on! It’s completely gender neutral.

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