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A couple years ago we gave you the first exclusive look at the HIPSTER baby carrier. It was (and still is!) a game changer in the world of baby carriers. This safe, fast and easy carrier was a hit with so many parents because it let your wear baby on your front, hip or back. Plus, with a 3D hip seat that not only keeps your baby in the recommended M position (bent knees, bent hips and legs out with thighs supported), it takes pressure off the parent’s shoulders and back.


Now, it’s time for the second generation carrier – the HIPSTER PLUS! This 3D baby carrier has three different carry positions (front, back and side) and allows you to wear your baby 6 different ways.

Miamily Hipster Plus

Plus, it has improved features that you’ll want to see.

First, the HIPSTER PLUS is even more comfortable to wear thanks to the extra padding added to the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps and waist belt are also longer to fit taller and fuller body types.

Hipster Plus

The waist belt now features a new special Velcro that is softer to the touch and doesn’t stick to clothing as much. We really like the new Velcro!

Hipster Plus

Want to wear your baby from birth? No problem. With the infant insert accessory (sold separately) you can now use the HIPSTER PLUS with a newborn. Once your baby has good head control (around 4 months), you can remove the infant insert and use the carrier until 3 years old (or 44 lbs).

An anti-slip guard and extra padding has been added to the 3D hip seat to make baby more comfortable and upgraded security buckles and an antilock zipper have been added for safety.

Hipster Plus

Finally, one of our favorite new features is the new pocket under the 3D hip seat which conveniently keeps your baby items close by! Yep, you can now leave the house with just your baby and the HIPSTER PLUS. The pocket can easily fit a diaper, teether, pacifier and a snack with no problem. No need to fit your smart phone in the pocket because there is a new larger, mesh side pocket on the waist belt just for your phone.

Hipster Plus

We love the versatility with this 3D baby carrier, thanks to the innovative 3D hip seat. This unique seat not only keeps your baby in a healthy position for proper hip development but it also was designed to allow you to COMFORTABLY carry your toddler (up to 3 years old) on your hip. Toddlers want to be carried all the time and they get heavier and heavier as time goes on. Your arms (and back!) may start to ache carrying them in the traditional pick-them-up-and-throw-them-on-your-hip way. Not with the HIPSTER PLUS! The HIPSTER PLUS gives the toddler a seat on your hip and distributes the weight so that it’s actually more comfortable to carry them. I’m serious! It works.

Whether you are looking for a front or back carrier, the HIPSTER PLUS does it! The ability to wear it on your hip, front, or back, and also to have the option of letting your baby face in or out on the front, make this carrier pretty awesome. Even with all of these carrying positions, the MiaMily HIPSTER is easy to use with no intricate systems or long fabrics to deal with, and no big learning curve. New moms don’t have time for a learning curve. It needs to work now, fast and easily. That is the HIPSTER PLUS. It’s easy to figure out quickly and comfortable to wear.

The HIPSTER PLUS comes in 6 colors (two are new!) so there is a choice for every one. You can purchase the HIPSTER PLUS for $169 and it comes with the hip seat, double shoulder strap, head cover, 2 teething pads and a black foldable MiaMily bag.  There is also a Premium Bundle that includes the HIPSTER PLUS carrier and front drool pad for $193 and a Newborn Bundle that includes the HIPSTER PLUS carrier, infant insert and front drool pad.

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