Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fun Minnie Plush

Three year olds aren’t known for their high vocabulary and sentence structure skills. But that doesn’t stop my toddler from telling me over and over (and over) what she loves about her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Fun Minnie Plush!

My mom bought her this Minnie Mouse singing toy for Christmas and it quickly became an all time favorite. When I asked Adalynn what she loved about her Minnie doll, she said, “She sings, her lights, she’s soft and sooo pretty.” So let’s discuss those three aspects:

She sings:
Technically, she sings AND talks. There are four recorded messages and one will play each time you press her left hand. Three are short phrases:

    • “Singing together is so much fun.”
    • “You are just the sweetest!”
    • “Hi, it’s Minnie!”

The fourth is the full theme song for Minnie’s Bowtique, a spinoff show from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My toddler presses Minnie’s hand so often that I’ve got this song permanently burned into my brain. But as far as theme songs from toddler shows go, this is one of the less annoying ones, so I’ve been able to tune it out easily.
When you haven’t pushed her hand for a while, Minnie says one more phrase, “Remember I love you, bye bye!”

Her lights:
Minnie’s heart on her chest and her bow both light up as she talks and sings. It’s a nice added touch to keep the kids engaged/entertained, so I understand why my toddler likes this part of the doll. However, we’ve only had this Minnie plush for about 2 months and one of the lights on her bow is already burnt out. I’m not sure why; it could have been too roughly mishandled (which, if you knew my daughter, is a likely possibility) or maybe this model was played with too often in the store before it ended up in our home. It’s not a big deal, but unless I rip open the fabric, there’s no way to get inside to change the bulb. My OCD leaves my eye twitching every time I see only half her bow flashing whenever her hand is pressed.

She’s soft and soooo pretty:
Minnie is a plush toy, so it makes sense that she is soft. This makes her great as a sleeping pal at night or for naps. Her specific age range is for 3-4 year olds but I found that our friend’s 7 month old loves her just as much as my toddler!

What mom likes about Clubhouse Fun Minnie:

You can turn her off!
It’s the worst when your kid’s favorite toy makes noise and there’s no way to make it stop, short of crushing the sound box. But this Minnie toy has an off switch high enough inside of it that if you turn it off, your toddler will have a little bit harder of a time turning it right back on. My 3 year old has tried, but failed, to get it on when I didn’t want her to.

minnie with adalynn

You can shop for this Minnie Mouse on Amazon HERE or on Walmart.com HERE for $14.94.

Do you have a son who loves Mickey more than Minnie? HERE is a Mickey Mouse version of this fun toy!

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