Spotlight Review: Milk Daze Nursing Cami

Milk Daze Nursing Cami from the creators of Hotslings is a great nursing cami I think all breastfeeding mamas  should know about.  Nursing camis can be a mom’s best friend because unlike a nursing bra, it keeps your tummy covered while nursing.  Camis can be worn alone like a tank top or under another shirt for a layered look.  The Milk Daze Cami can make almost any casual outfit nursing friendly.

Milk Daze Cami offers breastfeeding moms not only comfort but style as well.  It comes in black or white and sizes S-XL.   I think the size L fits me perfectly since I like it a little loose in the mid-section.  The last thing I want is a too tight cami bringing attention to my post-pregnancy belly.

The innovative design eliminates the need for the standard clips, snaps or hooks that you normally see on a nursing bra or tank.  Instead, the cami features a pull-aside top layer that easily allows access to the breast for nursing.  When finished, the top layer springs back into place.  To be honest, I was a bit worried about this feature.  I have other nursing camis that have the pull-aside feature but the fabric doesn’t spring back after so many feedings leaving my big, nursing boobies exposed like a porn star. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the Milk Daze Cami.  Milk Daze included spandex jersey in the built-in shelf bra to keep it springing back feeding after feeding.

The cami also features a faux underlayer which is extra fabric at the v-shaped neckline (which I find flattering) to give it an added layer detail and ensures moms maximum coverage while nursing.  The Milk Daze Nursing Cami also has a great longer cut length that hits lower on the hips for full coverage.  I love that it’s long enough so that tummy doesn’t accidentally peek out.

The Milk Daze Nursing Cami retails for $29 and I definitely think it is a must-have for this breastfeeding mama!

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I have to say, with respect,that I did not have the same wonderful experience with this product. I found that the opening was too small, the cami offered very little support which meant I needed to wear a bra with it as well, and the top of the cami leaves a lot of cleavage exposed which I am not comfortable with.


I am in the fashion industry and I just found your blog. I will be adding your RSS to my list. I am in the camisole space and I am always looking for new sources of information.