Milk-Saver Review

My children are just 22 months apart. When I was thinking through everything I would need for my second baby I assumed I had all the basics covered. Not many new products could have come out in less than two years, right? Well, I was wrong! Or, at least I missed this must-have the first time around!

I’m talking about the Milk-Saver by Milkies. It is a brilliant product I highly recommend to all breastfeeding moms.

Here’s how it works:

When you’re ready to nurse your baby, place the Milk-Saver in the bra cup of your non-nursing side. While nursing, milk lets downs in both breasts and since your nipple is positioned in the circular hole leading to the reservoir of the Milk-Saver it collects milk that would otherwise be leaking onto your shirt or filling a nursing pad. Make sense? If not, watch this video for a visual of how it all works.

I’ve been using the Milk-Saver for 5 weeks now and am thrilled with this product. There is no doubt in my mind it is a nursing essential and I recommend it to all of my nursing mama friends. In addition to helping me store 4+ ounces of breast milk each day the Milk-Saver is also an amazing product because it is:

  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portable
  • Easy to use at home or in public

The Milk-Saver has also helped me reduce the number of disposable nursing pads I use which has saved me money while creating less waste. Best of all, I’ve been able to store breast milk without using my pump. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Right now I’m using the breast milk I collect with my Milk-Saver to build a small freezer stash. Down the road I’ll be able to go on a date night with my husband knowing I’ve caught enough milk during the day to provide my son with a bottle from grandma. And, once we start introducing solids I’ll be able to use my Milk-Saver milk to thin out purees. Plus, it gives me such peace of mind to know my precious breast milk isn’t being wasted.

I don’t say it loosely when I encourage ALL nursing moms to pick up a Milk-Saver. I can’t believe I made it through my first child’s nursing season without discovering the Milk-Saver – it’s definitely a must-have!

You can order a Milk-Saver from Milkies here.

P.S. Wondering why you would order a double pack? I didn’t and I’m kicking myself because you save 20% when buying two. If I had two I could have given one as a gift, kept one upstairs and one downstairs, or in those cases when baby is sleeping and I feel my milk letting down I could catch it in both sides instead of just one!