Minivans are Kind of Sexy

Before children, I had but one thing on my list of things I’d never do as a parent: Buy a minivan. I mean, sure, I knew that with children comes stuff and stuff needs to be hauled, but I vowed that instead of a minivan we’d get a SUV. Yes, an SUV was the safer, more “fashionable” route that didn’t scream “Look! I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom.”

We purchased our “fashionable” SUV months before our second daughter was born in October, but now, now I’m having second thoughts about whether an SUV was really the right choice. Now, I’m thinking that we need a minivan. I’m beginning to think that minivans are, well, kind of hot. *Gasp.* I know. I know. Someone tell the old woman I used to be to please stand up? But, before you do that, hear my list of 5 reasons why I’m thinking about joining the minivan-parent bandwagon.

The sliding doors are hot. OK. When I had one daughter, the whole opening the door thing didn’t bother me, at all. But now with two daughters, and a diaper bag, and Summer-like heat, I think that a push-to-open sliding door would be kind of nice. Also, a sliding door would also open wide enough for me not to accidentally hit my door on the car next to me when putting my kids in the car in tight spaced parking lots.

I can store my crap. I’ll be the first to admit that while I have a streamlined diaper bag with two girls, the back of my SUV looks like a hot mess. With sweaters and blankets and strollers and bags and other crap, I hardly have room for groceries or other crap. But if I had something like this, I’d be able to easily avoid the whole hot-mess backseat issue:

In floor storage in a Honda Odyssey
I’ve embraced the mom factor. Before children, I really didn’t want to look like a mom so I made it a point to avoid doing the things that others could use to stereotype me as a common mom. But now, I’m a mom. And I like being a mom. So, I no longer have that sense of shame that I once felt in embracing my new reality. I’m a mom and a woman who kind of digs minivan. Yeah. That’s me!

The kid friendly, separate seats work well with massive car seats. My daughters are twenty months apart. This means that they’re both in huge car seats that make my big SUV feel really small for a very long time. So, I need a solution, other than a school bus to fit my kids and other human bodies that may want to come along for the ride. I’m thinking this would work nicely:

Interior of a Honda Odyssey

It’s a fun house on wheels. As a child of a minivan mom, I liked being able to stand up and play in my car with the dozens of toys I’d leave on our van’s floor. And as a mom…uh, wait, never mind. I think SUVs may have an advantage here. *ahem. Moving on.

So these are my five (or, really, four) main reasons I’m re-considering minivans. For now, we’re keeping our SUV, but who knows, maybe a year from now I’ll be able to live out my dreams of cruising to playdates in a sexy minivan. We’ll see.

Do you own a minivan or an SUV? What reasons did you use to help make your purchasing decision?