Mom Fashion | Every Mama Needs Plaid

Mom Fashion | Every Mama Needs Plaid

When it comes to cold weather mom fashion a few things always come to mind — boots and plaid. I’ve talked about boots before  (here and here) so it seems about time that I cover my love for plaid!

Plaid is warm and cozy, it’s got a lumberjack feel, but with a feminine cut it can add just the right flair to any mama’s outfit. This season I’m seeing plaid leggings, plaid scarves, plaid skirts, plaid coats, and of course, plaid tops. Tops is what I want to feature today because I’m in love with so many of them!

every mama needs plaid 600w

12 – 3 – 4 –5 – 6

As you can see, plaid is so much more than the traditional red, blue and green. It is available in all colors … I’ve even seen pink plaid lately! But, for mamas, I’m feelin’ the classic and demure. These timeless tops and sweaters will easily carry your wardrobe through Mother’s Day. So, while you’re browsing the mall over the holidays, keep your eye out for some mama plaid – you need it!


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