MOM HACK: Saving You Money on the Recorder (VIDEO)

MOM HACK: Saving You Money on the Educational Recorder

Mom Hack Recorder

Who else hates the educational recorder as much as we do? You know the so-called flute-like instrument that 3rd and 4th graders are so proud to bring home to practice for their music class. The only problem is that they blow that darn whistle (yes, it’s pretty much a whistle!) all day long and it could drive a mom mad. Not only do I dislike the recorder but we have to pay for the privilege of hearing that wonderful “Hot Cross Buns” played over and over. Our school charges us $6 per recorder. Not horrible. But recently, after forking over the cash, I found a better way to get my son a recorder at a fraction of the cost!

Yep, we are saving you money in today’s Mom Hack! And if that isn’t enough, we have a special Dad Hack at the end of the video courtesy of Mr. Gizmo.

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