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  1. Age 2 1/2 to 3 is a good age for a first visit. Take or rent stroller, you wll be surprised at how well they will walk but the stroller is good for bags, snacks, etc and if/when they decide they need a rest it will be available. At that age they won’t be able to ride everything, but you will have plenty to fill the day for that age. Not sure about Disneyland, but Disney World you get “fast passes” in advance to return to certain rides to avoid long lines…..especially the “meet and greets”. Time your visit if possible to cooler months, waiting in the heat makes for irritable toddlers and adults!! Multi day passes (time permitting and if in budget) is the best way to go so you and kids don’t feel rushed “to get it all in” and leave feeling you missed a lot. Taking plenty of snacks, both healthy and sweet (the sugar will give the kids more energy!!!) will save time and money. Just remember to have a great time and enjoy it, take a few pictures but don’t waste a lot of time posing…..use that time to watch the kids “taking it all in”, their expressions and actions are priceless memories! If they are recently potty trained you might want to take some pull ups just in case, just let them know the reason, plan regular potty breaks or everytime you past a restroom stop for a visit because you want to make sure they drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. If you are worried about them wandering off, dress them both in same bright color shirts so you can pick them out quicker in a crowd. (maybe right your cell phone # on the inside of collar or use an id type bracelet. So start planning now and ENJOY!!! It is so much fun with little ones!!

  2. We took my daughter at 18 months and it was truly magical. She was thrilled with every aspect of the trip from the flight to the hotel and every single part of Disneyland itself. She woke up at 5:30 am every morning so excited to see “da mouse” that she couldn’t sleep anymore. We brought the grandparents along and had a hotel right outside the gates which made afternoon naps and bedtimes easy. There are obviously some kids out there that wouldn’t be able to handle a disneyland trip at this age but for us it couldn’t have been more perfect. It has been 6 months and she still talks about the pirates and the tiki room on a daily basis.

  3. A lot of people seem to go shortly before their youngest child turns three. This is because I think kids under three get in free, so it saves a pretty penny. At least that’s the case for Disney world, I don’t know about Disneyland.

    1. This is very important info to add to my list of considerations! I hadn’t even though if timing a “cheaper” option!

  4. We took my 1.5 year old and she had the absolute best time! The Disneyland resort was so easy to get back to for naps. Best vacation ever!

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