Mommy Judging is Crazy Because We Are All Part of The Mother ‘Hood

While we are all in this “Mother’Hood” thing together, yet we still find ourselves judging each other for the choices we each make.

“Oh, you aren’t breastfeeding? Such a shame.”

“You know that those disposable diapers are ruining the earth, right?!”

“Must be nice to be a stay-at-home mom and do nothing all day!”

“I would never let MY baby cry it out.”

It’s all craziness and we have to stop the mommy judging! Instead of lecturing, Similac has found a way to get the message “when it comes down to it, we’re all on the same side” across in a funny way. This parody video is part of a campaign launching by Similac “to encourage parents to come together and focus on shared goals, not differences.”

This video is making the internet rounds- it’s a must see! So funny, 2 minutes long, but with a very important point- “No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first.”