Mommy, Where Were You When You Pulled Out That Phone?

Mommy, where were you when you pulled out your phone?

Where were you when I wanted to show you my drawing?

Where were you when I learned how to spin and wanted to show you 10 times before bed?

Where were you when I fell and called out for you to come running?

Where were you when I wanted to tell you about my day, even though I already had, two times before?

Did you see me using my imagination today?

Did you see me hold back my tantrum?

I used my words like you told me to.

And I thought you’d notice.

I know I’m only little but I still saw your eyes dart to your Ipad while we sang the ABC’s.

Did you need to look up the words, or was there something more interesting that drew your attention?

where were you

You were there, but you weren’t.

Where did you go, so far within your phone? You thought it was only a moment you were distracted,

But to me, it felt like so much more.

So I guess I’ll stop bothering you. I’ll try to learn the songs by myself.

I’ll try to put my shoes on alone.

I’ll play by myself.

I won’t always be small and I won’t always need you so much.

I won’t always come to you first when I’m upset.

I won’t always include you in my interests.

I won’t always be around to distract you.

Maybe someday that phone will break on the floor but until then,

I’ll make myself small so I don’t disturb you more.