If Moms Were In Charge Of Everything

This is nowhere near a political post. Think of it more like satire. But I can’t help wondering how much better off the world would be if moms were in charge of everything! I mean, think about it:

Flooding? Ask a mom. She’s had to deal with so many toilet overflows from her teenage sons that she knows how to dam up any mess!

Finances? Ask a mom. A mother of 6 who knows how to stretch a grocery budget of $300/month could teach you a thing or two.

Fighting? Ask a mom. We become trained in the art of decoding, interpreting, and compromising anytime conflict arises!

Global Economy: Ask a mom. Have you ever seen one in action, bargaining with her toddler over his veggies? Or talking down a salesman? Or convincing the plumber to come back and fix what should’ve been fixed the first time?

Education? Ask a mom. Be it street smarts or books smart, but usually a mix of both, moms get asked a million questions a day. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why can’t I pee in the neighbor’s yard?” “Why are there letters in my math equation?” We’re prepared to answer them all (or we’ll fake it ‘til we make it)!

Safety? Let’s use this as a good example of how far we moms are willing to go:

charge bundled
Randy from A Christmas Story

All this, with time to spare for the 5-Minute necessities: house clean, showers, makeup and quickies. I may be biased here but I think moms are, or have the capacity to be, super heroes! Without us, who knows where our world would end up?


Where else would moms excel if they were in charge of everything?