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Moms Share Their Funniest “My Kid Caught Me” Moments

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Jimmy Fallon does a hashtag segment on his show that’s hilarious and one was #IGotCaught. It got me thinking of the funny times my kids have caught me doing something I wish they hadn’t! So I reached out to other moms to get their funny stories in hopes of spreading the laughs. Here are some #MyKidCaughtMe moments I’m sure you can relate to:

“My husband begged me for a quickie during our son’s 6th birthday party. Not my best parenting moment but everyone was playing, being supervised by other parents, and it had been a few weeks so… off to our closet we went! We were just finishing up when one of our son’s little friends walked in (luckily only to see me adjusting my shirt and my husband zipping his pants)! Good thing his parents are such great friends of ours who laughed when we told them but man, that could’ve been a lot worse!” -Cherie P.

“My twin kindergarteners bring home so. many. drawings from preschool every day. Don’t get me wrong, I love how cute they are and I have a whole file of them that I’ve saved. But having two kids in an arts-minded school—it’s double everything! One twin caught me as I was recycling her sister’s drawing and said, ‘It’s okay, I won’t tell. I like my drawings better than hers, too.” —Krista T.

“Okay ladies, we all groom so don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about! So I was grooming down there in my bathroom once when my three year old walks in on me (NEVER get any privacy, even in the bathroom!!). He takes one look at me and says, ‘Don’t hurt your penis under all that hair!’” –Tessa D.

“I was really mad at a passive aggressive neighbor once and was swearing up a storm under my breath while doing the dishes. I didn’t realize my four year old, who has been repeating everything I say lately, was standing behind me the whole time, listening. She heard me and the next time we saw this neighbor, I was so scared she was going to repeat what I said! She did. That’ll teach me!” –Amaya F.

“I didn’t realize how thin our walls must be until my son asked me why I was hurting daddy one day. She said she could hear daddy yelling and the only time he had done that that day was during or special time together… Good to know!” –Thalia S.

“We are ALL trying to be better with what foods we eat, meaning my kids are being deprived of their fruit snacks and me of my wine. After a particularly rough day, momma needed a glass after the kids were in bed. Or I thought they were in bed. Mid pour, my two kids burst in the room yelling ‘Caught you! That ain’t no sparkling water!’” –Juanita R.

“Made my two year old cry outside our door because she thought daddy was hurting mommy (sexy time got a little exciting that night). Note to self—make sure the kid is passed out in her room before commencing with sexy time or else we will get caught!” –Jane L.

“My ten year old is like a little detective, I swear. She’s so good at catching any little white lie I tell! I once told her friend’s mom that we couldn’t go to the park together because I had to work. I just didn’t want to have to socialize with this particular mom. My daughter later that day catches me Facebooking instead of working and calls me out on it! Oops.” –Cecelia M.

“Husband had been deployed for a year and was home only a few days. Of course we were getting busy as often as possible! Shame on me for not getting a babysitter so we could have a night or two away because one time, mid act, our five year old walks in with the iPad facing us. He was talking to my sister in law and she saw everything! He ‘just wanted to let Aunt Sara see daddy!’” -Candice M.

Do you have any funny “My Kids Caught Me” moments? Share them in the comments with us!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.