Mom’s Warning To Parents Visiting The Dentist

A mom on Facebook shared some photos of a horrifying experience her four year old daughter endured on Wednesday at their dentist’s office. Britny Smith states that they went in to Kool Smiles in Lexington, Kentucky, and was asked to wait in the waiting room while her daughter had one cavity filled.

This is what she wrote:

I’m usually not one to do this – but I feel like it might help a child out there. Parents – Stay away from Kool Smiles! They strapped my baby to a board, tied her head down with a strap and left bruises all over her body. Just because she has ONE cavity. They made me wait in the waiting room the whole time. When she finally came out, she was drenched in sweat and shaking. They didn’t even do any work. Her mouth was bleeding so they finally had to stop. They numbed her mouth and cut her tongue up with their tool so we were sent home with antibiotics because of the lacerations caused by the dentists. Who treats a 4 year old this way? There are countless reviews on this place saying the exact same about other kids. This place needs to be shut down!

Britny Smith
Britny Smith
Britny Smith
Britny Smith

If this is true, it’s assault. It’s also an awful reminder to us that we should be present when our child has work done at the dentist.

So far the post has been shared over 12,000 times, with many people suggesting she reports it to the police. Here are some of the comments from other parents below her photos-

“Kool Smiles is a bad bad place. The company itself is terrible and they are scam artists. A few years ago they tried to tell me my 3 year old had FIVE cavities. That she need to come in for five different appointments to get laughing gas separately for each tooth. I took her to get a second opinion. She had NO cavities in her mouth.”

“Hell no! My kids would never see a dentist or doctor that wouldn’t let me go back with them! Don’t trust anyone with your babies! If you can go back, they must be hiding their practices.”

“This is a government ran type dental office. It’s mainly Medicaid clients & the dentists are doing a ‘favor’ to go there once a month or how ever often. They make you sign a form saying they can use the papoose board on your child. They don’t get paid to take time with your child or you, or care about reviews or building client relationships. This happened to my nephew as well but they pulled out 4 teeth! All the folks saying SUE -well if you have Medicaid you don’t have a lawyer nor will one take you pro bono. If you want quality dentistry then you have to pay for it. All the folks saying you’d beat the crap out of them. Really?! The DSS would take your kid, so that’s no good. Plus they have a lock on the door that is key card protected. Plus bruises don’t show immediately. I agree this sucks & dentists don’t want to work for less or free, they shouldn’t.”


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