Monica and Mr. Clean

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My neighbor has an unhealthy crush on a very popular bald guy. She isn’t embarrassed about it because he is everything she looks for in a man. Big. Strong. Clean. Yep, clean! Her crush isn’t on Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling. It is on Mr. Clean. No joke. The bald man from the commercials that we’ve grown up with is her “perfect man”.

I love my neighbor to death but we’ve come to call her “Major Monica”. Why? Because she runs her house like the military and keeps it cleaner than any house I’ve seen. She prides herself on her cleaning skills. Under hobbies, she writes down “cleaning” on surveys. She has surface cleaners on each floor of her house just so that she can “get the job done” in a moment’s notice.

She is Mrs. Clean. If they were to make a commercial for Mr. Clean’s wife, Monica would be a shoo-in for the role because she lives clean. Seriously, clean. OCD clean!

When I saw this mini-movie (1 minute) about the origin of Mr. Clean, I HAD to post it for her. In the commercials on TV Mr. Clean never ages but this video clip shows him as a boy. It’s pretty hysterical to see a little Mr. Clean, and yes, he was bald as a child. 😉 I can just imagine that my neighbor’s path to being the Mrs. Clean that she is today may have been very similar.

Do you know someone who is a Mr. (or Mrs.) Clean?

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