Month Six: My Must-Have Baby Products

We have made it to 6 months!!  We are all a little sleep deprived but we made it.  Happy 1/2 birthday, Sutton! 

This summer I put together a list of the essential products that I depended on the first month and thought now would be a good time to update that.  Every new mama has some essential products that they depend on during different stages of their baby’s life and I am no exception.  I have some go-to items that make everything just a bit easier now that we have hit 6 months.  Some things – A LOT easier!  Here is my list of some of my current personal favorite must-haves that are my everyday baby essentials for life with Sutton. 

*Disclaimer:  This is not a complete list!  And, yes, I use essentials such as a crib and a car seat that are not on the list.  Please don’t email and tell me that I should be using a car seat!  Of course, I’m using a car seat.  I just thought that was a no-brainer and didn’t need to be added to my list.  

Nursing Cover
bebeMy personal choice:  Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover
Since I am still breastfeeding, my nursing cover is still a must-have for me at 6 months.  It’s not used quite as much as during the first few months but it is always with me if I need it.  I especially like my Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover because the pattern is chic, the rigid neckline allows to me see my baby without everyone seeing him nurse, and the fabric is lightweight.


Nursing Pillow
boppyMy personal choice:  Boppy Nursing Pillow
So, as I said, we are still nursing!  When I am feeding at home, I depend on my nursing pillow to make it an easier and more comfortable experience. The Boppy wraps around the front of me and lifts my baby up to a more comfortable position for nursing.  Plus, it takes the pressure off of my arms because the pillow supports his weight.  I even use the Boppy when bottle feeding at home.


Activity Center
activity_centerMy personal choice:  Evenflo ExerSaucer 3-in-1
Since my baby cannot sit up on his own yet, I love our activity center!  Sutton is demanding more playtime and stimulation these days and the activity center has come to our rescue.  He happily sits and plays in the activity center several times a day giving me those few minutes to tend to the other kids or get some things done around the house.


Bunting Bag
BuntingbagMy personal choice:   JJ Cole BundleMe
We live in Chicago where it is cold, cold, cold!!!  Keeping my baby warm when heading out in the single digit temperatures is a daily challenge.  Since he is still traveling in his infant car seat, my JJ Cole BundleMe is a definitely must-have for this cold weather mama!  It eliminates the need for bulky coats or blankets that won’t stay put. Since it doesn’t cover the baby’s head, a hat is still needed though.


tatamiaPeg Perego Tatamia

The new Peg Perego Tatamia is a multipurpose baby seat that is a triple threat in the world of baby gear. This versatile seat does the duty of three pieces of baby gear that can be used from birth to preschool age. The Tatamia works as a baby recliner, a swing, and a high chair.

Now, that Sutton has hit 6 months, we have started on solid foods.  What does that mean?  High chair time!  We only used the Tatamia in two of the three functions at the beginning but now we are on to the chair’s main feature – the high chair!  *To see my full review with video of the Tatamia visit:

HaloWearable Blanket
My personal choice:  Halo SleepSack
Halo SleepSacks are a convenient, wearable blanket that eliminates the need for loose blankets in a baby’s crib. Since loose blankets are a SIDS risk, I am a big advocate of using these SleepSacks. These blankets are easy to put on and take off and even have an inverted (zips from top to bottom) zipper for easier diaper changes in the middle of the night. The inverted zipper also prevents baby from getting poked in the chin when the blanket is zipped up and makes it harder for older babies to unzip.  Another reason I love these SleepSacks is that we like to sleep in a cool environment bundled in our covers in our bed. Unfortunately, Sutton can’t sleep this way so a SleepSack is the answer to keep him safe and warm at night.


Double Stroller
The double stroller was a must-have during my Month One: My Must Have Baby Products and it is still a must-have a six months.  In order to take the three kids out by myself, I cannot live without a double stroller.  Okay, maybe I could live without a double stroller – but why would I want to? My son (remember we affectionately refer to him as the “runner”) still needs to be seated in a stroller when we are out in a busy, public place.  Yep, even at almost 3 years old!  And unless I’m wearing Sutton (ala baby carrier-style), a double stroller is a much needed product for us.  We had been testing a few really great double strollers this past summer and fall– so we don’t always use the same one.  That’s why I don’t list “my personal choice”.  Okay, if you pressure me about it…a few of my favorites are the Bumbleride Indie Twin, Uppa Baby Vista with Rumbleseat and the Baby Jogger City Mini Double.


gigiDiaper Bag
My personal choice:  Storksak Gigi
Still loving my Storksak!  With three kids, a large diaper bag is a must have for me.  I carry with me:  bottles, sippy cups, juice boxes, snacks, toys, diapers, wipes and much, much more.  The Gigi bag is large and has three separate zippered compartments to keep all my on-the-go essentials organized.  It comes with a large changing pad and a bottle pouch and I love that it looks more like a large purse than a diaper bag.


Binky Holder
podMy personal choice:  JJ Cole Pacifier Pod
This is a small item but it’s still an every day essential for me.  Since I like quiet, calm babies – I am a big advocate of pacifiers.  Since I keep a pacifier with me where ever we go – I like to keep them in a pacifier holder to keep them clean.  The JJ Cole Pacifier Pod comes in a few great colors/patterns (I have the one in blue square) and hangs nicely off the side of my purse or diaper bag.  This pod is great for holding one pacifier so that I always know where one is in a hurry…unless I forget to put one in, of course.


Baby Carrier
babyhawk2My personal choice:  Baby Hawk Carrier
Now that Sutton is weighing in at an impressive 16+ lbs, I have put the sling away and moved on to the baby carrier.  I don’t use a baby carrier everyday but I do use it.  When I need a little hands-free time but my baby needs some bonding time or just insists on being held, I throw on my Baby Hawk Carrier and we are ready to go.  This is my first experience with an Asian Style sling and I absolutely love it!  Once I got the hang of how to use it and how to manipulate the super long straps, I was hooked!  Plus, since they are custom made (you pick the color and pattern), I get lots of compliments on my chocolate brown and green/blue flowered carrier.  When I go out, I always make sure that I bring my baby carrier with me so that I have it just in case I need it.


Video Monitor
monitorMy personal choice:  Summer Infant Handheld Video Monitor
I LOVE my video monitor!  I have been using it everyday for 3 years.  Yep, you heard that right – every single day!  I have had to order a new battery once but other than that it has been going strong since I bought it.  (Well, we did have a little episode where my 4 year old poured water into her camera in her room – so I do recommend that you keep the camera out of reach of your children no matter what age.  Water + camera = bad news!)  Other than our little camera snafu, we now have two cameras that work on the same handheld unit giving me a great picture in my two youngest kids’ rooms day or night.  I can switch from one camera to the other with a simple flip of a switch.   No matter what size house you live in – I highly recommend a video monitor!

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Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in North Carolina where she is having a blast designing and decorating her new home.

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