Mooshka Dolls Spotlight Review (VIDEO)

Mooshka DollsA new line of adorable dolls came out in 2013 that are based on the paper dolls that our parents may remember. Mooshka Dolls are simple, huggable, squishable dolls that come in two different sizes – 15″ Mooshka Girls and 9.5″ Mooshka Tots.

Some of the dolls sing (Sing Around the Rosie version) and some do not. I prefer the ones that do not. Of course, the kids prefer the ones that do. The best thing about the dolls that do not sing (besides the fact that they are quiet!) is that they are machine-washable! The “Sing Around the Rosie” dolls have to be spot cleaned.

We received “Lera”, a Sing Around the Rosie doll, for review consideration. In order to get her to sing, all your child has to do is hold both of her hands at the same time or put her hands together. Either way, she will burst out in “Ring Around the Rosie” and will start the song over every single time you let go of her hands. Let us warn you, this song may start to haunt your dreams if you child constantly starts and stops it. And if you know the meaning of this particular song, then you might think like us that that’s probably why they chose it! 😉

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Our Lil’ Baby Gizmo tester gives you the up close and personal with this new doll in today’s Baby Gizmo video…


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*Disclosure: We were sent a Mooshka Doll for review consideration. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.