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  1. I agree with Twinboysmom that it’s not right that they took a picture of a naked two-year-old and then put it on the Internet for anyone to see, including Babygizmo reposting it here. I know that pictures are more powerful than just words, but in this case, they should have refrained from letting even more random people see these poor girls like this. And I disagree with Aria F. about “all sides of this story”. Even if this mom was so desperate to potty train her girls and at the same time for some reason she just needed to eat at a restaurant with them without anyone to aid her, she did have an option not to do it like this. She could have asked a waitress to not take their food away just yet, and taken both girls to the bathroom. If they were sick, that’s all the more reason not to take them to a public restaurant and strip them naked while they eat. I’m a mom too and I know sometimes you’re just so tired physically and emotionally and just can’t be that ideal mom, but there are boundaries and I really can’t think of any possible reason to justify what this mom did.

  2. That is totally not okay. For one potty training needs to be done in the bathroom and definitely not at the dinner table. WTF was she thinking having her kids being nude in public? I am sure it has to be illegal. If chicken nuggets were important for dinner she could save money, the embarrassment, and discuss by getting frozen nuggets at the store and cooking them at home.

  3. Every single bit of this is completely disturbing. But I think there’s an even bigger-picture problem going on here: forget the fact that this is happening in public, but why in the hell are the kids sitting on a potty while they are eating? I have a three-year-old who is potty trained, and I never once brought a potty to the dinner table, even in my own home. How is this method any different than wearing a diaper? It’s not teaching them anything about potty training. It’s teaching them that there’s always a potty under their bum for whenever they feel the need… Same as a diaper. There is no excuse that this woman could give me to make me see this as okay.

  4. OK. Gross factor = high.

    Flip side this one? How do you NOW feel about nursing mothers who have no place else to feed their kids but in a bathroom tucked away. How is THAT any different? (About the only two differences coming to my mind are the inability of the child in THAT situation to blog about or complain about it and the lack of social conditioning that creates social mores for the child.) I think intake of food and elimination should be mutually exclusive for ALL ages. They are opposite sides of the digestive coin… Just saying…

    That said, neither do we know all sides of this story. Was the mom there by herself? With twins? Was she in the craziness of a 2-week marathon of potty training to get it DONE? Was one of or both of them sick? Does she have, perhaps, no other adult to watch one twin while she runs the other to the bathroom? (Because, really, are you going to leave one 2 year old child by herself while you run the other one back, or are you going to leave the food at the table where it is going to get cleared and not be able to eat your food or have the table claimed while you are gone?) Are they nudists? I’m not specifically condoning her actions. I am noting that there might be more at play here than we are knee-jerk reacting to.

  5. I am thoroughly disgusted. I have had to do many things with my children-walk out to the car and stay there through most my bday dinner with a crying baby……take a toddler to the bathroom at the restuarant three times during the course of a meal……STAY HOME when they were actively training and it was too difficult……because of having younger children…..WOW WOW WOW. How intensely inappropriate. I would have died if I had seen that.

    What was that mother thinking???

    I really believe that some women are just NOT BORN with the mothering instinct….it is a natural thing to most of us….and we know what to do…whats right, whats wrong…..and whats unbelievably NEVER a choice (like potty training at a restuarant table!)….

    I am completely grossed out. Well she bring them in to the restuarant to do their nails for prom too? And change their diapers at the grocery store?

    Insane. Too bad no one called the cops.

    UNBELIEVABLY WRONG> I would not have believed it if I had not seen the pictures. Look at the kids across from them watching like WHAT THE HECK?!

  6. OMW I think this is really sad! Those poor kids!! 🙁 how embarrassing for them!! What was that Mom thinking!? Its just very sad!

  7. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was child abuse there Sara; people run with that term far to frequently. Were the childern, or anyone for that matter, in harms away? Not at all. Unappropriate? Most definitely. I say, ‘Crazy day.’, I’m sure there are people out there that would condemn my parenting for giving my kids Cereal and fruit for dinner as they’ve worn me out after one such day.. though it seems like far to much work to lugg in two training potties just for some Mcnuggets. *laughs*

  8. That is crazy to do that where. people are eating. There could have been a perv there. Who would want a bunch of strangers seeing there little girls naked

  9. OMG!!! I dont generally comment on too many articles but this one merits it big time!!! This is CHILD ABUSE! It’s disturbing and disgusting and quite frankly disgusting! This is a crime against a human being (child or not) ! OMG! WOrds cannot even express the distatst and digust I am feeling right now. I am not one to get involved in how a parent raises their child but this is abusive and insane behavior. Frankly< I wouldve called the cops. When you bring this disturbing behavior to the public you make it everyone's business to comment and ger involved. I cannot even believe that a parent would do this to their child. This mother should have her children taken away by social services and she needs to be put in psychiatric care. I am a mother and I dont care how frustrated or angry I feel ( yes, I get angry) at my kid. I would NEVER even think about doing something like this EVER!!!! It's child abuse! Was this lunatic of a mother trying to teach her kids a lesson? WHat kind of "fudged" up person does this top a defenseless child? OMG!!!! This person should not and cannot be allowed to continue being a parent!!!! OMG!

  10. While I am disgusted with what this mother did, I am equally disgusted that an adult felt it was appropriate to take a picture of a naked two year old child and plaster it on the Internet. I am saddened that those at baby gizmo felt it necessary to post the picture as well.

  11. Seriously? Wow. This woman has no class. What must HER mother think of how she’s training the kids. Not only does this woman think it’s okay to use the potty while eating at a restaurant table, she apparently thinks it’s okay to give the pervs full view of her children…naked. Something so innocent, and private, was just made public. Ugh!

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