Mother Shamelessly Brags About Putting 7 year-old Daughter on “Diet”

The internet is a buzz right now with the story of Dara-Lynn Weiss who put her 7 year-old daughter, Bea, on a “diet” because the doctor told her that at 4 ft 4 inches and 93 pounds, Bea was clinically obese.

I say “diet” because I’m not even sure that that’s what you can call it. Dara’s statements include:

I once reproachfully deprived Bea of her dinner after learning that her observation of French Heritage Day at school involved nearly 800 calories of Brie, filet mignon, baguette, and chocolate. I stopped letting her enjoy Pizza Fridays when she admitted to adding a corn salad as a side dish one week. I dressed down a Starbucks barista when he professed ignorance of the nutrition content of the kids’ hot chocolate whose calories are listed as “120-210” on the menu board: Well, which is it? When he couldn’t provide an answer, I dramatically grabbed the drink out of my daughter’s hands, poured it into the garbage, and stormed out.

Did you just read that with your mouth open? I did. But wait, it gets better. Here are some more healthy eating tips from the mother

I stepped between my daughter and a bowl of salad nicoise my friend was handing her, raising my palm like a traffic cop. “Thanks,” I said, “but she already ate dinner.” 
“But she said she’s still hungry,” my friend replied, bewildered. 
I forced a smile. “Yeah, but it’s got a lot of dressing on it and we’re trying–”

“Just olive oil!” my friend interrupted. “It’s superhealthy!”
 My smile faded and my voice grew tense. “I know. She can’t.”
 My friend’s eyes moved to my daughter, whose gaze held the dish in the crosshairs: a Frisbee-size bowl bursting with oil, tuna, eggs, potatoes, olives.

These quotes are from a piece Weiss has written for this month’s Vogue magazine, but the article isn’t available online.  Her daughter lost 16 pounds, and Yahoo News states

After Bea lost 16 pounds—meeting her mom’s weight-loss goal for her before a Vogue photoshoot—Weiss wrote about her daughter’s reaction:

“That’s still me,” she says of her former self. “I’m not a different person just because I lost 16 pounds.” I protest that indeed she is different. At this moment, that fat girl is a thing of the past. A tear rolls down her beautiful cheek, past the glued-in feather. “Just because it’s in the past,” she says, “doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.”

Anyone else want to give this girl a hug and bring her home with them? Or is that just me?

Judging other mothers is not something I like to do, and quite frankly, this mother is being judged enough by all the various bloggers out there. But FYI- guess where your child picks up their eating habits from? The parents. What are you eating at home?

So you want your daughter to be healthy? Eat healthy. Show her you enjoy good food. Have fun exercising. Take her to the park and enjoy running together or taking a dog for a walk. Because making her paranoid and desperate to eat dinner only screams two words at me- eating disorder.

What are your thoughts?