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  1. Wait a second! You mean you think if a child is hungry it is okay– after they already ate dinner, to hand them a bowl full of eggs, olives, oil, and the like? NO! a Pear, an apple. WE are responsible for the food choices a child makes. If someone has an overweight child who does not have a medical issue– then it is the parent’s fault for the “over” part of the weight. This mother made mistakes but she is trying to get her daughter healthy by the medical standards her child’s DR. gave her. She is maybe being too harsh– maybe she is not a calm and understanding with her daughter as she could be– but she is trying– NOT ignoring any longer. KUDOS TO HER!!! for caring about her little girl and not being an ignorant momma that says, “She is just a kid– let her eat whatever she wants.” She is taking responsibility and not turning away from a problem. Good job Mama! (Now, be more gentle with your kiddo and challenge her to make good choices with you.)

  2. You know what i think is insane? Parents that dont care about all the calories that go into their kids! I think her method most definitely needs help, but to have no consideration of your childs caloric intake is also irresponsible. There have been times when my parents want to give one of my kids more food after they have had an appropriately-portioned meal and the kids themselves had said they are full…I stop it. I dont want them to think they need to eat tomake others happy. If they are, indeed, still hungry, I will give them appropriately sized seconds, cut up fruit or veggies, and make sure they are not really thirsty (milk). My kids have seen me throw away junk food (whipping cream off of cupcakes, fat of of steaks, leftover candy)…I let them have all these things in moderation…but after dinner or “just becUse” is not an excuse. I tell them we havet to love our bodies, not necessarily to make it look nice, thats just a biproduct, but to make it healthy.

  3. Wow great for the girl! Good job mom 🙂 I am working with my son too he know that he is not skinny and he try to keep his weight under control. Of course he would love to eat pizza or chocolate but he can choose wise 🙂 I understand mom why she did it and you can see result on her daughter 🙂

  4. It is shame, we are already so hard on ourselves.
    This mother needs counseling! She is putting her issues ahead of her daughters well being!! I am a huge fan of healthy eating but I also believe that kids are kids!!!

  5. Wow! This is sad, seriously sad. I read through this hoping that the mother was joking, or that she was doing this and that, in the end, she learned a lesson from it. But, nope. That’s tragic. Tragic. Thank you for sharing this, Ladan.

  6. What is insane is that the girl is clinically “obese”. I put her information in a BMI calculator for kids, and even with the 16 pound loss, she is still considered “obese”. does that picture look like an obese girl?

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