To the Mom In the Thick of the Terrible-Twos

terrible twos quote


Hang in there.

I see you.
I see your tears,
I know your anger.
That terrible toddler, who can go from giggling and happy to terrorizing and fearsome in a blink of an eye—
She’s constantly touching you, needing you, kicking you, kissing you.
She can’t wipe her own butt well enough and can’t decide what shoes to wear today, making you late.
She denies all your cooking then begs for a snack two seconds later.
Her tantrums are a ticking time bomb, and so is your anger.

But, Momma of a “terrible two” or a “threenager,”
There will come a time, too soon, when she will be a real teenager.
When you’ll have to worry about boys, instead of toys, and attitude without the time outs.
There is a chance you will be met with silence, instead of every little detail about her day.

And when that time comes, you’ll wonder where your toddler went.
You’ll look back at these terrible twos, these fearsome threes, and actually MISS them this young.
You’ll wish you had treasured their kisses and cuddles once those affections have stopped.
Once it becomes less socially acceptable to lick your finger and wipe off her cheek, you’ll miss how she didn’t pull away.
Those hugs she’ll give if you just ask? Those made up stories about Tinker Bell? Replaced for more grown up issues like the sex talk, and what modesty and tolerance for others looks like.

The tantrums about which blanket she wants to sleep with or the disgusted faces she makes at your dinner aren’t so bad, in retrospect.

I know.
I know how annoying it is to never get to pee alone or having to sneak your chocolate to avoid sharing.
But one day, too soon, she won’t call you back for one more bedtime hug.
She won’t blow that kiss and whisper without prompt, “I love you, Mommy.”

So, Mother of a “terrible” toddler—I see you.
Hang in there.
These toddler days ARE hard!
But they are just a moment.

A moment before the big steps begin.