Motherhood is kind of hard. But you will be amazing.

MotherhoodI have two friends right now who are pregnant with their first children. They’ve been talking to me as their resident expert mom friend often about weird pregnancy symptoms and about what to expect when their babies eventually get here on earth.

I’ve been thinking about how to sum up what motherhood does to a woman and how the person I am today isn’t the person I once was, but that like all women, I arose to the occasion. Yeah. That’s it. With motherhood, it’s not so much that some women are made for this role, it’s that women who decide to do this well have decided to arise to the occasion. Yes, that’s it.

Before motherhood, I was a selfish, perfectionist. I slept 10 hours every night and still complained about being tired. I ate out a lot. I read books and went to the gym daily. I had a good and very, very easy life.

Now, as a mother, I can’t be selfish. My children are now both at the age where they want to share my desserts, which isn’t fun, but something I do because, in the end, it’s good to share. I don’t sleep 10 hours a night because my baby isn’t sleeping 10 hours a night. I read when I can, can dodge vomit, and administer Amoxicillin to my crying, screaming toddler by myself.

I’ve arisen to the occasion of motherhood. Motherhood is hard and sometimes I ponder how easy I’d have it if things were different. But honestly? This life? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s wonderfully hard and someday when it’s all over and my life is quiet again, I know I’ll miss it. I just know it.

This is what I want to tell to my friends and to any other first-time expecting mom out there. I want to tell them that motherhood is hard but that you’ll arise to the occasion and become more awesome. I promise.

What’s something you wish you could tell a first-time mom friend about motherhood?