Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack: A Product Review

Are you putting in some serious overtime hours at the breast pump? Are you sick of your breast milk storage baggies leaking on you? Maybe you are just tired of trying to figure out which bottle of stored breast milk to use first, and it makes you tear up every time you have to toss old breast milk that got lost in the back of the freezer. If you’re a breast-pumping, milk-storing kind of mama, then the Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack is the product for you!

This unique milk storage system is designed to make freezing and storing breast milk a cinch. The storage rack holds ten five-ounce bottles and it rotates them ¬†on a “first-in”, “first-out” basis. That means that the breast milk is constantly being rotated in an organized fashion so you use the older stored milk first. The bottles thread easily onto most breast pump shields and they also accommodate most universal nipples. Basically- you can pump directly into the bottle and then feed your baby right from it. Don’t you just love that?

If you don’t need to feed your baby asap, the Mother’s Milkmate breast milk storage bottles can be put right into the fridge or freezer for later use. The bottle rack is nice and slim and won’t take up valuable space in your fridge. I love that this system eliminates the need to transfer pumped breast milk from one storage system to another, which runs the risk of loosing vital nutrients in the breast milk and/or spilling that precious liquid gold.

If you are exclusively pumping, working full-time, or working on building up a large supply of stored breast milk, then the Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack is going to be the breast milk storage system for you. Here are some thoughts you may want to consider:

  • Buy at least one set of extra storage bottles (sold separately). The storage rack comes with a set of ten bottles, but you will be surprised at how quickly you use the bottles. Also, sometimes bottles can warp in the freezer or dishwasher, or you leave one at Grandma’s house.
  • Be extra careful when securing the caps on the bottles. The threads are thin and a loose cap means spilled milk- something that is definitely worth crying over.
  • Watch out for filling the bottles too high. When you freeze breast milk (or any other liquid) it expands. If the bottle is filled to high and then the liquid is frozen, it will compromise the integrity of the bottle.

And here are just a few fun facts about the Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack:

  • The bottles are BPA free.
  • The set includes 10 bottles, 10 plugs, 10 caps, freezergrade labels, and the storage rack.
  • Each bottle has a cap plug and a screw on cap to eliminate leaking.

And just one final thought before I leave you all to your pumping:

Pumping breast milk can be a serious inconvenience. The Mother’s Milkmate Breast Milk Storage Rack makes it a ton easier to store and organize your breast milk. In my not-so-humble opinion, anything that help a pumping mama get through the hard times deserves two thumbs up. Thank you Mother’s Milkmate for making our lives just a little bit easier!

For more information on Mother’s Milk Mate, you can visit their website HERE.