Mountain Buggy has me drooling over another one…

Move over Google there is a bigger and better +one this summer!  Mountain Buggy already has me drooling over the thinnest side by side stroller in the duet but now they have me considering a tandem too.  If you haven’t heard the buzz about the +one yet then let us clue you in.  The +one can work as a single or double stroller.  It’s not like a phil & ted’s or a traditional two seater like the B-ready or City Select.  This innovative stroller is built on the improved frame of the Urban Jungle.  There is some very neat fabric work which allows a second seat to appear out of the back of the stroller.  You can use the back seat for a second toddler or even a newborn with the use of the included cocoon.  Hard to picture, do you need to see it to believe it?  Don’t worry we have a couple great sneak peaks for you.  The first is from Mountain Buggy’s own blog discussing their extensive testing processes.  I have barely noticed the words though since they also provided some great photos of this not yet released stroller.

I am loving the look of this canopy.  Maybe the back rider won’t be so blind as previously imagined.

The second sneak peak we have found for you is a new and very long instructional video.  This video really gives you an idea of what this +one is capable of.  There is one thing missing though.  What does my view of the baby in the cocoon look like?  No doubt Hollie can feed our addiction.  Odds are her thorough videos will shed some light on how good a view us parents will get of our smiling babes.