Mountain Buggy Joey Review

One of our top picks for double strollers just got better! Mountain Buggy recently introduced the joey that turns the duet (or the duo) into a single stroller with tons of storage. Sure, I know what you are thinking…it looks like a feature of the Bugaboo Donkey, right?! That is what we thought too! But when something is fabulous, why not borrow it, right? Whether they “borrowed” this idea or not, I think it is great! When the Donkey came out last year, I thought all the side-by-side strollers should have this feature!

The joey replaces the right seat on the stroller and snaps on in seconds. Don’t worry, the seat is very easy to remove! Plus, it’s not just the sturdy, canvas bag that you see but it also has an easy-to-remove, internal tote bag that sits snug inside it. Makes a perfect shopping bag!

Mountain Buggy Joey

Now you don’t have to wait to buy the duet until you have a second baby! The duet could be your one and only stroller! Use it with the joey for extra storage with baby #1 and when your second child arrives, just remove joey and attach the second seat! When your older child then outgrows the stroller, remove the seat again and put joey back. Brilliant! And with the duet being only as wide as a single stroller, you won’t look like you are cruising with a great big, ole’ double! And don’t forget, it works with the mountain buggy duo too!

To check out the joey up close and personal, watch our video below:

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