Move over BPA there is a new outlaw in town!

The most frightening thing I have read all week is this article from Scientific American: Chemical Flame Retardants Lace Baby Products, New Study Finds.   The title basically says it all.  I knew flame retardants were abundant in crib mattresses and pajamas but I didn’t realize how prevalent they really were.  The article discusses the study of 101 different baby items from car seats to breastfeeding pillows and found 80 of them with at least one flame retardant.  Even worse the article states:

More than one-third of the tested products contained the same carcinogenic chemical that was removed from children’s pajamas in the late 1970s.

ONE THIRD!  I am sure I am not alone by saying that I am overwhelmed by thought of how to avoid these possibly harmful substances from my children. What are your thoughts?

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