Movement Edition Coming Soon to a Bumbleride Near You!

If you remember, we briefly introduced you to the two editions for Bumbleride for 2011.  The Movement Edition and the Natural Edition will be the same great strollers we’ve come to love but sporting different fabrics! 

Bumbleride is going to release the Movement Edition first and a little earlier than we first reported.  The Movement Edition will be out in March 2011.  

The Bumbleride Movement Edition is for the sporty mama (or dada!).  This collection will be available on all the Bumbleride stroller EXCEPT the Queen B.  The Movement Edition sports a  stretchy, water resistant sport fabric, SPF 45 sun canopies and two striking color combinations.  It will be available in Jet (a sleek black) and Fog (awarm grey). The Movement Edition will be fitted on the Indie, Indie Twin, and Flite.   Bumbleride will also offer additional Movement fabric sets later in spring for 2010 model upgrades.

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I love this stroller and am interested in the stability of the stroller. Are there any issues with this stroller tipping over?


I love that Bumbleride added SPF shades! It shows how much
time and thought they put into their products.