Must See {Returning} Fall TV Shows

Must-See TV

Season after season, a number of shows return in all their glory with new, exciting twists and better plot lines. These characters are like family to us … right? And if you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to see how last season’s cliff hanger comes to fruition! Get ready for all the must see returning fall TV shows – they’re going to be great!

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Sons of Anarchy

September 9th, FX

So many of my friends are Sons of Anarchy fans – I’m thinking this is one I need to catch up on so I can begin the new season!

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The Voice

September 22nd, NBC

I’ve really backed off on my reality TV shows, but I still love The Voice. It’s the one show my husband and I both watch together. What is your favorite singing competition show?

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Chicago Fire

September 23rd, NBC

Season 2 left us with quite the cliff hanger! I’m dying to see how Season 3 heats up!

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September 25th, NBC

Are the rumors true? Is this the final season? WHAT!?! Major tears over here. I can’t even imagine how they’ll wrap everything up! This is my MUST SEE every week! With a box of tissues, of course.

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September 25th, ABC

I’m quite the Olivia fan and will root for her ’til the end. Can’t wait to follow along through the twists and turns of her crazy career.

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Grey’s Anatomy

September 25th, ABC

Back to Seattle we go! Is there anyone who doesn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy? I mean, every generation has to have a good medical drama, right?

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The Vampire Diaries

October 2, The CW

I haven’t always been a Vampire Diaries fan, but I caught up on all the seasons recently and am totally invested. This is the mama version of Twilight – don’t miss it!

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Hart of Dixie

Premiere date not yet announced, The CW

Everything I’ve read says Hart of Dixie is returning and it’s just waiting for its spot in the line up. This Southern style drama is the perfect wine-sipping mama show, so hop on Netflix and watch Season 1 and 2 before the new one kicks off!

What did I forget? What TV shows are you anxious to see again?

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