Must See {Returning} Fall TV Shows

Hey there mamas! Are you ready to pause Dora the Explorer and settle into the couch for a mama show? I sure am! After bedtime the hubs and I take ownership of the remote and this Fall we can’t wait for the return of a few of our favorite shows.

new girlNEW GIRL

September 17th, FOX

Oh the funniness! I can hardly take it! And honestly, I’m not really one who laughs a whole lot at TV, so you know it has to be good.


September 18th, CBS

The hubs and I have been watching Survivor since the very beginning. This Fall kicks off season 27 – twenty seven! Fun fact – my water broke while watching the Fall season back in 2010 🙂

shark tankSHARK TANK

September 20th, ABC

Another show the hubs and I enjoy together. I’m always excited to see the genius projects/services and yes, I’m often found commenting, “Why didn’t I think of that!” or “Back in college I totally did a project really close to that!”


September 25th, NBC

This is my #1 show. The one I wait for all week and watch live. If you were a Jericho fan back in the day, this is kinda similar, almost better. Can you sense my excitement?


September 25th, ABC

You don’t have to love country music to love Nashville! There is so much more to it and it’s a drama that my husband has even been willing to give a try.


September 26th, ABC

Oh Grey’s, you feel like family after all these years. Love ya, just love ya. All the while mourning your cousin Private Practice 🙁

parenthood PARENTHOOD

September 26th, NBC

Can I get a resounding “AMEN!” I just feel normal watching Parenthood and anything that gives me a sense of normalness is totally a win.


September 29th, ABC

Ok, so I started out behind with Revenge but caught up on Netflix and WOWSER! I can’t wait to see all the upcoming twists and turns this season will bring!


October 3rd, ABC

Also started out behind on Scandal, actually still am. I caught season one on Netflix, but can’t find season two anywhere. Help? Regardless I’m going to DVR season three in hopes of season two being added to Netflix soon.

Yep, pretty darn excited for Fall TV. It has been a lackluster summer –  I’ve pretty much only been keeping up with is Pretty Little Liars and a handful of cooking shows. Bad news is, on top of all the gems I listed above there are new shows launching that I’m excited about too! I’ll give you a round up of those next week! In the meantime, what shows are you most looking forward to watching in the Fall? You know, when we aren’t doting over our precious children 🙂

P.S. I double checked all my dates and networks, but can’t promise that I didn’t mix something up. So, double check those DVRs. I don’t want to be the reason you miss a fabulous premiere!