My baby has walked into toddlerhood

The best part of having more children is that it gives you perspective on all the things you did, and obsessed about, with your first child. With my first, I was obsessed, among a lot of other things, with getting her to walk. I wanted her to walk because everyone around me seemed so interested in whether she was taking her first steps. If walking was a milestone that guaranteed I was, at least, doing the best I could with her, I wanted her to walk, desperately.

My little walker almost a month ago.

She didn’t start walking until 14 months. I thought this was such a big deal at the time. But now, I realize that she was right on time for when she needed to begin walking. 14 months is not 14, so rather than worrying so much about her not fitting what most babies around me seemed to be doing, I should have just focused on celebrating where she was and not rushing what would happen eventually.

But that’s hindsight 20/20. If I could, I would write a book of all the things I did as a new mom that I wish I could take back. But I can’t and won’t. Instead, now as a second time mom, I’ve learned from the lessons back then and am more than okay with allowing my children to develop at their own pace.

This is the attitude I adopted when my second daughter took her first steps almost two months ago. She was 10 months old then. She’s now almost one and walking more than crawling. And just last week she started to pick herself up from her falls without looking first for supports nearby.

This is amazing time, but it’s also kind of a weird time. She’s still a baby, but she’s almost a toddler. Well, she is practically a toddler. So this means that rather than having a toddler and baby, I have two toddlers. I have an almost one year old (her birthday is this week) and a two year old. I feel like the old me would have been terrified at this prospect. But, I’m not. From my time as a new mom, I’ve learned (and am learning) to take things in stride. I’m excited about having two toddlers. Or, at least that’s what I’ve been saying in the mirror daily to psyche myself out about what this all really entails.

Anyone else out there with two toddlers? What lessons have you learned in your journey as a parent to two?