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  1. I LOVED my Brest Friend! I used a Bopi for the first two weeks and was miserable. This saved my back. In fact I loved it so much it is one of the few baby items I haven’t parted with.

  2. “My Brest Friend” saved me as a new nursing mom. I had horrible pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel (my hands were numb for 6 months) which made holding my son to nurse very difficult. This product has much better support than a Bobby, can be positioned way up so the baby is right where s/he needs to be and the large buckle can be operated even with tingle-y fingers. Highly recommend.

  3. I think this is the nursing pillow Michelle Duggar prefers too. I have seen her multitask with this pillow. She will be walking around, teaching the older kids, etc. wearing the pillow and baby with a nursing cover over the top with one hand free to do other things. To me this is called winning because I spent so many hours stuck in a chair or on a sofa nursing my second child while my first child was left to his own devices all those times. If I ever have any more babies I will definitely be buying one of these pillows so I can nourish my baby without becoming a prisoner to it!

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