My daughter’s musical roots

My first daughter’s musical roots go deep. Very deep. She’s been “making” and “playing” pots and pans and our kitchen hardwood floors since she was about eight months old. I know. The whole “playing since eight months old” sounds impressive right? In the event that she makes it big someday as a jazz musician (jazz because she’s a bluesy kind of a girl) I hope to put that little tidbit in her bio.

So, she’s been born to play. And while I did encourage her musical interests as an infant, when our pots and pans and hardwoods started to show the “wear” from her, well, from her “artistry,” we knew that we needed another option.

We needed or wanted real instruments. My mom heard our request and got my daughter a Melissa and Doug Band-in-a-Box for her first birthday.

519TZOVK6oL._SL500_AA300_ My daughter's musical rootsThe Band-in-a-Box is exactly how it sounds. It’s a box that contains all the instruments that you’d want to hear in any hip, toddler band. It includes tambourine, cymbals, maracas, a “clapper,” tone blocks, and a triangle.

The packaging says that the Band-in-a-Box is designed for children 3+, but my toddler has enjoyed her instruments since her first use of them as a 12 month old. And now, even at 25 months, she continues to use and love her Band-in-a-Box. And I love that the instruments are easy to hold and grasp in her small hands. I also like that the instruments are made of a very durable and solid wood that holds up under toddler throws, blows, and tantrums.

Would I recommend the Band-in-a-Box to other parents? Yes! These are real, wooden instruments, not the plastic-y, cheap-y kinds that are commonly marketed as being for kids. Oh, and did I mention that this set retails for only $24.99?!? Seriously. $24.99! For $24.99 you get two maracas, tone blocks, and a triangle…and.. what? Oh, I sound like one of those annoying weekend morning infomercials. Sorry. But seriously this is a great toy product that your children and you will love for a very long time.

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