My Favorite Parenting Magazines

It’s sad, but since becoming a parent I haven’t had much of a chance to read “real” books. I still consider myself a voracious reader, but my attention has just been channeled to kid’s books, blogs and magazines. Last year I let my subscriptions to Marie Claire and Glamour expire and I switched my magazine dollars to these few favorites …

kiwi logo

Kiwi Magazine

Definitely my #1 magazine and the one I recommend to all new parents. It’s chalk full of great advice, new research and healthy recipes. Every time I read it I walk away having learned something new. I love that!

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Pathways to Family Wellness

I first ran across this magazine at my chiropractor’s office. The articles are thoughtful and focused on wellness, just like the title implies. For a holistic approach to parenting matters, these pages are a real gem and worth every dollar you invest. I keep every copy on my bookshelf for future reference.

family fun

Family Fun

Lighthearted and creative, Family Fun brings a smile to my face every time it arrives in my mail box. Some of our favorite craft ideas have come straight from Family Fun and I always get amazing holiday inspiration from its’ pages.

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Natural Mother Magazine

Natural Mother is the new kid on the block, an e-magazine that debuts in June. The Facebook page has become a fabulous community of parents striving for a more natural lifestyle and I’m sure the magazine will echo that same calling. Stay tuned!

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Real Simple

Technically not a parenting magazine, but a wonderful home economist resource just the same. I love the gift ideas section and the tips and tricks Q&A is always a real eye opener!

What’s your favorite parenting magazine and why?