My love/hate relationship with cloth diapers

I’m going to start this post with a proclamation: I love cloth diapers and have the utmost respect for any parent who cloth diapers their child.

I love that they are the green-er option, that they pay for themselves if you have more than one child, and that they come in those cute designs and colors, that I vainly admit, look good in pictures.

I love cloth. I love that they are part of the image in my head of the kind of parent I want to be with my children.

If you’ve been following my journey with cloth diapers, you know that we’ve been through our share of ups and downs. To make a long story short, when a bad wash routine gave my first daughter lots of rashes, I started using disposables.

We stuck with that until I had my second daughter and decided to reconnect with the lone cloth diapers in her dresser drawer, again.

We reconnected months ago. While things got off to a rocky start, with a new detergent and diaper balm and more diapers, we were doing great.

But then…my diapers started stinking again.

And when they stopped stinking, they started taking forever to dry.

And then the rashes came, which sent me on a hunt for finding an even better wash routine.

My routine, which involved me washing diapers every day and putting them through 3 hour cycles, was tedious, at best.

But, it was a good kind of tedious. It was the kind that reminds you of the Little House on the Prarie and washboards and how tedious it must have all been then and how lucky you are in comparison.

“I can do this!” I told myself, after a week of daily washings and drying cycles that took forever.

But then, my husband seeing the stress I was under, went out and bought some disposables. And, well, things haven’t been the same ever since.

I swear it was just supposed to be a small fling, a one night stand that no one but me and my daughter’s red butt would have to know about. But…after a week of it, after a week of not having to wash diapers or dry diapers or smell diapers or dunk diapers, I got hooked.

I’m still using disposables right now. And…I like it.

I still have my cloth diapers and hope to again get the stamina to use them again, but for now, I’m enjoying disposables.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with cloth? How do you make your cloth diapering routine feel less of a bear?