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  1. I love cloth diapers! But I’ve only been using them for 2.5 months. And have not dealt with rashes or stink. I think somehow my children are immune to diaper rash (hope I didn’t jinx myself). I hope you get up the stamina to jump back into it. Just think about all the money you don’t have to spend and all the waster you don’t create when using cloth. Good luck!

  2. We have a routine similar to Laura’s, except we use RnG + cap of Calgon in the hot cycle, and we do at least one extra rinse (sometimes two) and the final rinse always gets a cap of ecover.

    And we strip with good ol’ original blue Dawn.

  3. I really only had a “love” relationship, but that is because my kid was almost magical in his ability to blow out a disposable. If you haven’t already tried this, we do: Poop sprayer (handheld bidet) for solids, cold wash with 1/4 c BioKleen Bac-Out, hot wash with 1/8 cup Charlies Soap. Every couple of months or so we strip with Oxiclean.

    Technically, I should put this all in the past tense, because the kid announced he was potty trained three weeks ago and never looked back. 🙂

  4. oh yes! I tried and tried to get a wash routine down when I started cloth with my second. It didn’t work. I switched. I love my disposables. I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd. I’ve been thinking about trying again with this one; but the thought of having to go through finding a new wash routine is really stressing me out already. : /

  5. Yes, I too have a love hate relationship with cloth! I love how cute they are, I love that they leak less (I know not everyone has had that experience, but they work great for us!) and I love that they save me lots of money. I don’t love dealing with poop! I’ve got the diaper sprayer and all the fancy accessories, but it still doesn’t make washing poop very fun! I have found a good wash routine that works great for us. It starts with a cold rinse, then a hot wash on the bulky cycle with just a tiny bit of cloth friendly detergent and then an added rinse. I use flip diapers by cotton babies (which I am really happy with) and they recommend you use bleach every once in a while. This REALLY helps to get the stink out! I know other brands don’t recommend it, but I would give it a try if I were you. Also, hanging them in the sun helps. I am lucky though in that I have really good water here (Chilliwack, BC Canada 🙂 and my son’s skin is not the least bit sensitive. Good luck on your journey and don’t be too hard on yourself!

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