My Toddler’s “Tricked” Out Ride

You want to know what’s really sad? It’s sad that my toddler has a better ride than me. I mean, sure, I’m getting around in a fancy-smancy SUV with all the bells and whistles that most adults crave, you know, automatic locks and power windows. Oh, yeah, sexy, power windows. It’s enough to keep me happy, but it just doesn’t compare to what my toddler’s got — a tricked out car made for princesses.

It’s called the “My First Princess Activity Ride On,” but don’t let the whole “ride on” part fool you. It’s an awesome pink and purple ride.

So, let’s begin by talking about its rocking design. At the front, it bears a sticker showing Ariel of The Little Mermaid and Cinderella and a gear toy that my toddler can spin for fun. The side of the car has, well, more stickers and this neat “light” plastic-y thing showing the faces of Belle of The Beauty and the Beast and some other princess with Blonde hair that I can’t quite recall. The center “console” contains a variety of gears, a “key” in the ignition that turns, and some lights that flash and music that plays when you turn on the “air conditioning.”

Oh, and unlike the boring steering wheel on my ride, my toddler’s steering wheel in pink with a horn that, in pressing, makes a fun honking sound that reminds me of a Latin party for some reason (don’t ask). The wheels of the car are made of plastic, are pink with yellow rims and the seat of the car is a sturdy, hard plastic. And attached to the seat is a plastic, pink backrest that could double as a handle to pull the car along (or, possibly, as a walker hand support for younger users).

So, it’s an awesome ride. And my toddler loves it. This ride-on is intended for toddlers from 18 months on. I bought it for my toddler when she was around 19 months. While at first, she only would use her legs to go backwards in her car, now she goes forward and she loves it. She loves its smooth ride, the lights, the sounds, the princess-y goodness, and the horn. Yes, she loves the horn.

And I love this car, too. Besides its cool design, I love that it’s reasonably priced at around $69. (I purchased our car from Target.). I also love that it’s well made and that it has seemed to grow with my growing toddler.

 So would I recommend this ride-on to other parents? Yes. This is an awesome ride-on for toddlers who love princesses. It’s so awesome that, if my butt fits, I’m taking it for a spin tonight. What?? Just don’t tell my toddler, m-kay?

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