Nabi Jr. Tablet Review

Nabi Jr. Tablet Review

When I first saw the nabi on TV, I was thinking in my head, “My kids will never be the tablet kids. I want them outdoors and there is no way they will have any kind of technology before they are in their teen years.” What a joke! As soon as that little nabi face came on the TV singing the “Good morning red bird!” song my son was hooked.

My mom bought it for him even though it says for 3-5 years old. Of course she couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him so he got it WAY early! And we’ve had it up and running for a few months now. We bought him the nabi Jr. They also have a Nickelodeon Jr. version, nabi 2 (ages 6-9), nabi Dream Tab (ages 6-9), nabi XD (ages 10-14), and the new nabi Big Tab (for the whole family).


The best thing about these tablets, besides being child friendly, is that they run off of Android so if there is an app that they love playing with on your android smart phone, you will most likely be able to download it onto their tablet as well. The thing that bummed me out, was not being able to set time limits (you can on the other nabi tablets), and the face isn’t on the nabi Jr. version of their tablets which means neither is the song. However, because they run on Android, they may update that in future without you having to purchase a whole different tablet just for those features.

When taken out of the box, you have to let the tablet charge for at least 4 hours. It didn’t say this anywhere on our packaging and I thought we had a defective unit when I first brought it home and it wouldn’t start up! You have to press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds before anything shows up on the screen, and it takes a bit of time to get up and running, but once it is on your child is sure to love it!


I will mention that the first nabi that we brought home unfortunately was a dud, but working with their customer service was a breeze. I was answered on Facebook of all places within a matter of 15 minutes, then I had a customer service representative contacting ME within a half hour! Our issue was quickly handled and they even gave me a follow up call a few days later to make sure that we were happy.

There is this awesome button on the menu screen called “Mommy Mode.” When you press it, you are prompted to “get your mom to enter her password,” and it takes you into the parent mode where the nabi then looks like the normal Android system you are used to seeing on your smart phone. From there you can add or subtract apps that are shown in the child mode, download new apps, browse the web, and also add media. The other most fantastic feature is that the screen AUTO-ROTATES! That means my toddler has all the independence in the world with this tablet! He is so proud of himself when he figures out something new on it- he just figured out how to work the camera!


Parent Mode
Parent Mode

The nabi comes with its own protective “cover.” It is a rubber bumper that goes around the outside of it and keeps it from being destroyed if dropped or handled roughly. The bumper also makes it easy for little hands to hold on to. We left the original screen plastic on so that it doesn’t get scratched. It also comes with a charger that connects to the wall or the USB port on your computer, as well as quite a few preloaded learning apps.

These preloaded apps are great! One of my favorites is the Chore Chart or the Wings Learning System, both of which coincide with the Treasure Box and nabi Coins. You are able to purchase the coins through your online parent account (more on this in the next paragraph), after that you can assign certain coin amounts to certain chores that YOU create for your child. Once they check off that they have done the chore or a lesson in the Wings Learning System, they earn those coins. Those coins can then be used to download media or new apps of their choice (all of which are kid friendly, and you can even block certain ones from your parent mode).

The online parent account is AMAZING. This is like the command center for everything your children will be doing on their nabi. You can manage different children on one tablet, manage chores, change the content they are viewing and so on. If you pay for the Fooz University (which is different from Wings Learning System and is based online), they even have online “report cards” for how well your child is doing in their lessons. If you pay for the Wings Learning System, they have updates online through the parent site that show an overview of how well your child is doing, how long they have practiced, what trouble spots they may have, what nabi recommends, and any badges or stars they have earned through the program. Through the parent account, your child can also send and receive emails to and from approved addresses, and send and receive friend requests from their buds who also have nabi!


Overall, the nabi is a great tablet with lots of learning options and expandability as your child grows. They are well priced for what they offer and they are definitely kid approved and durable! There are so many awesome features packed into every tablet that it is sure to keep your child happy for years to come!

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