Name Your Tune is Playing My Tune!

Name Your Tune is Playing My Tune!

Ever heard of Captain Zoom?  When I was 8, I received a personalized “Captain Zoom Happy Birthday Holly” vinyl floppy record from my dad for my birthday.  That is when the obsession began.  I have played that birthday song every year since I was 8.  Every. Single. Year. It is seriously an obsession and I’m not even sure why anymore.  It started with the first few years playing the record on my birthday. (Yes, it HAD to be played ON my birthday!)  Then I received the same song on cassette tape. That cassette tape was one of the first things packed for college.  Weird, right?  Then I bought myself the CD of my personalized song in my 20s.  Do you know how hard it is to find a cassette player that works these days?  I’ve been playing Captain Zoom on my birthday so long that I’m afraid to break the habit.  I even bought my daughter her own personalized CD when she was born.  And my husband?  Yep, he got one too!  And yes, he thinks I’m a total freak about the Captain Zoom song.  He even joked that Captain Zoom should sing at our wedding.  I just can’t resist “My name is Zoom and I come from the moon to sing you this special tune – Hey Holly, it’s your birthday!”

Knowing how much I loved to hear my name in music when I was young, I have looked over the years for other personalized music for kids.  I wanted my three kids to fall in love with songs that featured their names too.  My daughter has inherited my love of Captain Zoom so I thought she would love other personalized songs.  But everything I found was just blah.  Or just really bad.  Excruciatingly bad!

Name Your Tune is Playing My Tune!Until now.  I just came across the Name Your Tune Personalized CDs and these are not the usual bad songs made up with your child’s name that I’ve come across so many times before.  The Name Your Tune CDs are familiar children’s songs that are actually easy on the ears.  It’s a compilation of classic children’s songs that are transformed to feature your child’s name in every song. “If your Savannah and your know it, clap your hands.” Or Little Savannah had a farm E-I-E-I-O.

When the CDs arrived in the mail, I was so excited to play them for my kids.  I knew my daughter loved hearing her name in the Captain Zoom CD so I figured she would be even more ecstatic to hear her name in over 12 songs!  As soon as the first song began and my daughter heard her name, her eyes lit up.  She immediately started singing along to the familiar songs happy as can be.  Plus, a great feature of the Name Your Tune CDs is that more than one child’s name can be incorporated into the CD.  They just alternate songs with the different children’s names.  I had one CD made with my three kids’ names and it was fantastic.  All three were so excited to get to “their song” as we played it in the car. Warning:  Your kids may want to play this CD over and over and over…

There are two CDs to choose from and you can even include a personal message on the label of the CD to make it an extra special keepsake.  Each CD retails for $20 or you can get 2 for $36 and your child will hear their name over 80 times throughout the CD.  As much as my kids absolutely adore these new CDs, it is totally worth the price.  If you have a child that loves to hear their own name and make it all about them (what child doesn’t?!?), I totally recommend you check out the Name Your Tune CDs.  Does your child have a unique name?  Not to worry, their music library consists of 4500 names! 

Psst…if you go to their site, they actually sell Captain Zoom CDs too!    

To purchase Name Your Tune personalized CDs go to their website at


  1. Hilarious recount of the Capt Zoom obsession….you’re the only one I know (aside from my sister) that shared that experience! That ultra-thin scratchy sounding vinyl record….but the label had your name on it. I was about the same age when I got it the first time, and yes I squealed (that’s right, I squealed) when I found out they still existed on cassette, and now own the CD’s. I did try carrying on the tradition with my sister’s kids years ago….they didn’t get it so I’m glad to read that someone else does!! 🙂

  2. I love it. Thanks Holly. I know all my kids will be getting one for their birthday or as a little “I love you” present.
    Love your website and all your advice so much!


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