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  1. I agree with the bill. I think that it is vital to show paperwork that the parents were at least informed. There is too much “scare factor” from the internet going on with immunizations. As someone that works in the health care field, refusing vaccinations is on the rise, mostly by uninformed parents that have been frightened by warnings of autism by comments here and there by other parents, or online warnings. I’m kind of stunned to see similar comments posted here! Just because you read something online does NOT make it true! Please be VERY careful and thorough with information that you find when “looking for it”. I think people should go through their Pediatrician for concerns or confusion. Too many children are dying because they are not getting immunizations. I agree with spreading out immunizations in a way that parents feel is better for their baby, but not refusing them.

  2. and whilst I am on my soap box…. Yes – why don’t we bring back smallpox (you can die from that) or Diptheria, or Polio – yes I’d love to see all the crippled children who get that…. oh and don’t forget that measles causes blindness – yes that’s what the world needs, more blind crippled children….. that’s if they don’t die from the other – easily preventable diseases. Quite frankly you are idiots if you think that vaccinating should be be a choice. Grrrrr. If you’re unable to parent responsibly then you need to be told how to. It shouldn’t be a choice to vaccinate.

  3. I believe it is IRRESPONSIBLE NOT to vaccinate your child. Vaccines HAVE BEEN PROVEN SAFE. Scares are caused by people trying to place blame on vaccines for autism. The Dr that caused the MMR scare has been STRUCK OFF following a thorough investigation which found his research faulty. There was not double blind test. Vaccines save lives. More lives can be saved if everyone is vaccinated. Yes you should be able to choose for your child. Choose to live on your own island with other similar minded fools if you choose not to vaccinate. The dangerous childhood ilnesses would all be irradicated if everyone vaccinated. But because of the few, these are still knocking about.

  4. Sticking to the original post and question, I do not think this bill should be passed. Vaccines should never be mandatory, requiring an exemption. They should be offered, and parents can choose to use them or not.

    Little by little, parental rights are being taken away, chipped away at, and this is just one more way to do it.

    Public School is just that … public .. paid for by my, and your, taxes. WE the public should have the right for our children to use those schools without “mandatory” vaccines.

  5. Are you vaccinated for whooping cough? If not, then did you know YOU are more likely if you get whooping cough to pass it along to a young baby who has not been vaccinated. Many shots require regular boosters. Older people are typically the ones who pass along these diseases because they are not up to date. And they are around their grandchildren. Say no to the government telling us what to do with our children. Where does it end? Are you all OK with the idea of trackers being put in your children at birth? Careful what you vote for. It sets the tone for future technologies and mandates.

  6. Just get your kids vaccinated to keep every healthier! So annoying when people think they are above the rules. They are just trying to keep serious illnesses out of our schools. Come on hippies!

  7. I would have to say that I fully agree with this bill. I understand that there are some reasons that parents choose not to vaccinate their children. However, being one of the ones that does choose to vaccinate, I don’t think that it is right that my child potentially be subjected to potential carriers. Even though my son has received all of his vaccinations, he still managed to get the chicken pox. Albeit a very mild form of it, but still got it anyways. Now, I know that chicken pox isn’t that big of a deal to contract, but what about the other diseases out there that can be major problems. And even if my son my not contract it himself, he could still become a carrier and bring it around others who may be too young to receive certain vaccinations.

    If this law comes into effect, and you are a parent that is going to choose not to vaccinate, then it should be your responsibility also to find a doctor who will go along with your wishes and sign the form. If you do this from the beginning, there will not be any “scrambling around to find a doctor”. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions.

  8. I do not agree with the government mandating many things for my children, but I am torn on this one. The more people who are vaccinated the chances of anyone contracting the disease (vaxed or not) goes down. Vaccines not only protect the vaxed, but they protect those too young or weak or allergic to be vaccinated. Vaccines are not perfect, but they are the best we have right now. So far enough of the population still vaccinates that we are relatively safe from large outbreaks, but that is changing. The small outbreaks around the US show that these horrible diseases are still in our country, not to mention in the third world countries. I think unless it gets a lot worse here though, I’ll have to say no to the bill. I want parents to have as many safe choices as possible for their kids.

  9. Why when we were children did we receive 13 or less vaccinations (and clearly have not succumb to these archaic illnesses our babies are being vaccinated “against”) but now our kids are getting in upwards of 52 before they’re school aged??????? Riddle me that….

  10. My 8 month old infant was fully vaccinated when he caught pertussis. He caught it from 2 fully vaccinated children and it took my son 4 months to recover. If you can catch it, you’re spreading it. Notice that most cases of pertussis are showing up in, and thus being spread by fully vaccinated individuals. Just because someone is vaccinated, does not mean that they cannot be be vectors for disease. How do we know when someone needs boosters? We already know that the immunity many of these shots provide is temporary, at best. If it worked we wouldn’t need booster after booster after booster. How do we know when immunity wanes in each individual to the point where they would need a booster? And where are the long term studies showing the ever increasing list of shots are safe and don’t cause issues down the road? I have so many questions, and until they are answered and I’m convinced that the drugs are safe and effective, I will opt out. I am not one to follow anything religiously. Show me the science. I am also uncomfortable with the fact that drug companies are federally shielded from all liability should my child experience a catastrophic reaction, as my niece did when she stopped breathing after hers. No one has the right to force drugs on my child that have the potential to kill or permanently injure them. Why is your perception of safety more important than my child’s? It’s not. And the choices I make for my family are none of anyone’s business.

  11. And for all you people who think putting my child at risk to save others, my children are more valuable than that. Vaccines don’t work and cause damage!! Do your research please before you make such a statement.

  12. This is a stupid and pointless law based on nothing more than fear. This law doesn’t serve any purpose, except to test the waters and see how far into our personal lives and freedoms we’ll allow the government to meddle.

    As much as I think all parents should vaccinate their kids, I know there are good reasons for some not to. Who is this law supposed to be protecting? The vaccinated kids should already be protected from all of those scary diseases, and the unvaccinated kids are just as exposed to those diseases from the kids at school as they are from anyone anywhere else they go in public.

    They are testing the waters, people! We need to wake up and recognize that fact before it’s too late.

  13. I’m sorry – but it’s irresponsible of the *government* to impose this kind of thing on the population until they have been PROVEN SAFE. Vaccines are a risk to public health – not the other way around. An un-vaccinated child is more at risk from a vaccinated one, than vice-versa. The bottom line here is that we need to fight for our *rights* or they will all be taken away, regardless of you position. We don’t like the idea of genetically-modified foods because they’re not proven safe, yet we (as a society) are so quick to stick needles in our infants for the sake of keeping the pharmaceutical companies in business despite the fact that not only are they not proven safe, they are causing harm – even at the risk of losing all of our rights as citizens of the United States. It’s insanity. Whatever your choice, I would not support a bill that took your rights away. Enough said.

  14. I think every person should have the right to chose vaccines for their children. It is not the governments responsibility to parent.
    Although I will say the government does have a right to govern the public schools they fund.

    I don’t support the bill because doctors should not have to parent adults either.

  15. As someone who lives in CA, I really don’t mind this bill. I think it’s irresponsible to vaccinate your kids & still expect others to socialize with them.

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