New Bumbleride Strollers 2010 Features

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Bumbleride has made a few minor changes on their fabulous strollers for the 2010 models. 

The Indie and Indie Twin strollers will now have the bumper bar standard again.  Plus, a great feature of this bumper bar is that when you remove the padding – it becomes the car seat adapter.  So, no additional pieces to store!  Just in case you were wondering – even though the Indie Twin will have two bumper bars – it will still only take ONE car seat.  Sorry. 

The Bumbleride Carrycot will come with a great canopy, microfleece lining and an organic dye-free lining on the mattress. 

All the 2010 Bumbleride stroller handles will adjust the height with the buttons on the inside of the handle.  This makes it more ergonomic since you push the buttons with your thumbs. 

That’s it for changes  to the current Bumbleride strollers! 

We are still waiting patiently for their lightweight stroller, the Flite, to come out.  Bumbleride is still unsure of the release date on the Flite.  Maybe Spring 2010?

Bumbleride Flite Features:

  • large 6″ wheels
  • full suspension
  • large sun canopy
  • full recline
  • standard infant seat adapter
  • travel bag
  • adjustable footrest
  • unique compact fold with auto-lock
  • optional carrycot
  • weighs 13 lbs
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Is the 2009 carrycot compatible with the 2010 Bumleride Flite stroller? What are the differences between the 2010 and 2009 carrycots? Are the differences between older and newer snack packs? Is the 2008 snack pack compatible with the 2010 Bumbleride Flite stroller? Thank you.


First off, thanks for the awesome reviews! I love everything that I’ve seen about the bumbleride indie 2010…all terrain, awesome canopy, nice fold, seat lays flat, carrycot (facing mom) option, carseat/bumper bar and it’s pretty. My only concern is that I’ve read a couple reviews that said the carseat (keyfit 30) didn’t seem sturdy when attached. It’s the carseat that I wanted to use but this has me a little shaken now. Do you know anything about this problem? Are reviewers doing something wrong?


Hi, I live in Berlin and I´m really trying to get one from Czech Republic but seems like they can´t ship them. It´s only 300 km to Prague which makes it a bit stranger. Does anybody know where they can be ordered online?


I’m thinking of purchasing the indie in Lava… I’m curious what the thoughts are on how this black fabric is in hot climates (I’m in north Texas where it get 100+ in the summer). The only other color I remotely like is the ruby, so not sure if that would make much of difference.


The 2009 b. indie’s have gone on GREAT sales and if the larger sun canopy/bumper bar are what you want- b. will be selling these two accessories ($35 and $19) separately in a couple of months so go for the deals!! hth!


I ordered the 2010 indie and was told that the price would only be about $10-$20 more (can’t remember exactly but I know it was reasonable) than the 2009 model so its probably worth it to upgrade.


I’m expecting my first child and not sure what are the benefits of the bumper bar. I’m due end of April. Is it worth getting the new 2010 model or should I try to get a deal on the 2009 model. Also, do you know if the Indie and the carrycot models for 2010 will be more expensive, and by how much?


Will the change of he bumper bar into the car seat adapter increase the types of infant car seats it will be compatible with? I read somewhere that the car seat adapter is universal?? The 09 version doesn’t accommodate the Maxi Cosi Mico, do you know if the 2010 will?


I got a really good deal from an online store regarding the Flyer. But when the Flyer (bamboo color, model 2007) arrived, it was scratched on one of the handle and the customer service asked if I wanted to have the Flyer in 2008 year with the Ruby color.

What are the differences and the known issues between these 2 years?


Deborah Beauchamp

Maria: Yes, you can fit two carrycots in the Indie TWIN!


That website is Bumbleride’s Czech site! 🙂

Congratulations on your babies! 🙂



Can I order more Indian Twin 2009 although he was not anywhere in stores? Can you send over whom in the Czech Republic can be ordered?


Hi! im wondering if its possible to fit 2 carrycots in the bumbleride’ Im due in June…with twins! 🙂 thanks!!


IS it worth it to wait for the 2010 Indie Twin??? I’m due 1/1/10 and I will have a 21 month old

Candace Villegas-Giron
Candace Villegas-Giron

do you know when 2010 models will be on the market? I am interested in the flyer, but I’d hate to buy the 09′ model just before the new line is available. I’m due late Jan. 2010


Will the snack pack fit directly on to the bumper bar or will this be a separate attachment?