New cloth trainers from Gro-Via coming this winter!

I have described my love for Gro-Via cloth diapers here before.  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw babysteals announce that Gro-Via is coming out with new trainers this December.

From first look they remind me a lot of Antsy Pants.  I like my Antsy Pants a lot but it looks like the Gro-Via trainers may have the better product.  The hidden pocket appears more secure on the Gro-Via trainers.  My experience with Gro-Via gives me hope that their trainers will have a better fit while being more trim and more absorbent.  They are also priced lower which always makes me happy.  I can’t wait until December when I can do a hands-on comparison.  I do hope the Gro-Via trainers will come out with more colors in the future but the accent color panels are a good start.

If you want to be one of the first to own the Gro-Via trainer then enter the giveaway at babysteals.

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