New Colors for Mutsy 2012 Collection

Netherlands-based Mutsy, debuted two fabulous new colors in its 2012 Rider collection with Team Caribbean and Team Green in Louisville at the ABC Kids Expo 2011.

The basis of Mutsy’s signature Rider stroller range system is two frames (4Rider and 4Rider Light), with features including single-hand adjustable handle, quick release wheels and an easy-to-engage fold mechanism (the stroller can stand on its own when folded).  Other features include a fully-adjustable seat with  a unique lumbar adjustment to assure proper ergonomic seating for babies of different sizes and ages, and a hood.  A bassinet, car seat adaptor, dinner tray, babysitter (baby rocker), extra shopping basket, nursery bag and Funseat are available separately.  An intelligent click mechanism enables parents to transform their Mutsy Rider into a pram or to fit a car seat with a single movement.  The bassinet is designed to always face mom, while the seat can be mounted toward mom or outward so baby can see the world.  The 4Rider offers Mutsy’s signature profile with a contemporary minimalist look and modern single-spoke wheels with pneumatic tires for an edgy look.  The 4Rider Light, the lighter weight version, has durable rubber tires on jaunty spoked wheels.  The Mutsy Rider stroller range is ideal for both outdoor and urban use. Available in Active Black, Active Coffee, Cargo Grey, Cargo Black, Team Caribbean, Team Lime, Team Red, Team Navy, Team Purple and Team Green.   

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