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Bumbleride is expecting a new addition to their family of strollers in 2009.  This addition will weigh in at 12 lbs and be Bumbleride’s first lightweight stroller.  The “Flite” will be the name and they are expecting it to arrive in the Spring of 2009.  We can’t wait!  Since they aren’t releasing pictures yet, believe us when we say it’s cute and stylish!  We’ll put up a video review as soon as the Flite arrives next year!

UPDATE:  Here is a picture of the Bumbleride Flite from their newsletter:

The Bumbleride Indie and Indie Twin are going to get changes for 2009 as well.  New mag wheels and larger canopies are going to give the Indie a sleeker look.  The Indie will also come in 2 new colors:  Black and Pink.

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I am getting conflicting reviews about the canopies. on, it shows a video of the canopies being moved back and forth to block the sun.
other reviews say that it does not move. Which model has movable canopies?

Deborah B

Hi! I’ve just heard back from Bumbleride customer care. YES, there are TWO folding locks, one on either side of the 2009 Indie Twin for an easier and more compact fold. Hooray! 🙂

FYI: Actually, there are functional changes which according to this site: read as significant: “New Features for the 2009 Flyer New, one push harness system. Bumbleride Flyer features a secure, one push button harness system. Redesigned canopy. Bumbleride Flyer features a new, larger canopy with a smoother ratchet design to allow for more sun coverage. It also features a zipper pocket for secure storage of small personal items. Standard rain cover. Bumbleride Flyer now comes standard with a rain cover. Redesigned footprint. Bumbleride Flyer now features a redesigned footprint to allow for easier maneuvering in both the forward and… Read more »

Bumbleride customer service told me that all current indie twin strollers shipping (both 2008 and 2009) do have a locking mechanism, and that if you have one without, you can contact them and they will supply you with one.

Just found that helpful to know when I was researching.



I noticed that you have to purchase the accessories seperately (the car seat adapter, footmuff, etc) where you didn’t have to do this last year…is that correct?


Hello! I contacted bumbleride about the 2009 indie twin’s lock when closed mechanism. Their customer service rep emailed back to inform me that all the 2008 twins now shipping are equipped with a lock and that if yours doesn’t have one you can contact them for one. Also the 2009 will have one. The 2009 will also have a modified fold system (he called it easier), a bigger canopy and the mag wheels. Info about the 2009 should be posted on their website this week.


Do you know if the Flite has the wonderful revesible handle?


Will the Flite have a reversible handle or seat? I’m hoping so!



Just curious, do you think I should wait for the 2009 Bumbleride Indie Twin? Or are the changes minor enough that I could go out and buy the 2008 now and not regret it? It is winter, so we’re not really using the stroller right now anyway…. ( I want Ruby, I don’t like the new undercanopy pattern anyway).


Does the Flite also have reversible handle?


will the handle on the flite be reversible like it is on the flyer?

Juli Cornett

Any idea when the 2009 Flyer would be available? Any more info on the Flite? I am about to purchase the 2008 Flyer, my baby is due January 22, but I’m wondering if I should wait on the 2009 model. What changes were made, how much higher will the price be, and when would I be able to actually recevie the tangible stroller. If you had any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. My Mom bought me one of your books and we love it!

Thank you so much!


I wonder with the new indie twin will there be some sort of strap or locking devise to KEEP it closed when packing it away into the vehicle? Hmm that would be handy!! Thank you


There will only be a few minor styling changes to the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer. For example, they are changing the canopy and fabric a bit.


Will there be any changes for the Flyer in 2009?