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  1. Hollie-I know you said that the Cybex Aton works with the Maxi Cosi adapters on the Indie Twin, and for that reason, I purchased the Atons because I liked them better and they can take a baby as little as 4 lbs. (which can be important for twins). However, we received our Maxi Cosi adapters today and I want to let others know that the Cybex Aton does NOT fit in the upper adapter on the Indie Bumbleride Twin. The cross bar between the left and right pieces is not low enough and the Aton will not click in place. It works fine with the lower, but not the upper. We are expecting twins this fall and after much research I thought the Atons with the Indie Twin Bumbleride was the perfect solution. I guess I will have to return the Atons for the Maxi Cosi Micos, as I’m not sure there’s any other solution that will allow two car seats for the time being on the Indie Twin. I just don’t want others to be misinformed about this. Thanks!

  2. I have similar questions as Lindsay and Diana.
    The new belly bar or universal car seat adapter isn’t out yet. They are only selling the 2009 models and saying that it fits the 2012 stroller. Is this correct? (I have a Graco snugride 35 car seat).

    Also, can I have a car seat adapter attached on one side for the newborn and a snackpack attached to the other side for my toddler?


  3. I have a questions about the specifications on the 2012 bumbleride indie twin. The bumper bar it is incluyed or not in the standar accesories? because in the specifications on the website says no but i didnt find it to buy separtly? where i can find it? Please help!!! In your videos looks like its included im so confused.

  4. So I am a bit confused on the new indie twin…The price is lower and now it does not come with the belly bar…So where to you attach the car seat and then is there not a bar at all so how to you use the snack pack if there is nothing to attached it to? At this point if the 2011 was not recalled I would be buying that one…Please help


  5. I’m curious what stroller is pictured in the 2nd photo? It appears it’s a double stroller with an option to reverse the seats? I really, really, really want this but I didn’t think the Indie would do that?

    1. It’s a Bumbleride Indie Twin. No, the seats don’t reverse. The carrycots/bassinets face parent but the seats do not reverse.

  6. Do you know if the Cybex Aton works with the Maxi Cosi adapters on the Indie Twin? According to Cybex they are supposed to work with any Maxi Cosi adapter.

    1. We are getting the double Maxi Cosi adapters very soon so i will definitely try it out with the Aton. – Hollie

    2. Yes, the Cybex Aton works with the new Maxi Cosi adapters on the Indie Twin. We just tried it tonight! – Hollie

  7. Oh- now I am so torn. I “test drove” the Indie Twin and the city mini double this weekend, and the Indie is SO much bigger than the city when folded! Now, I really can not decide. My husband is leaning towards the city mini but I still am not sure. Now I just read your review of the City Mini GT and I am even more confused! It seems to be a nice middle ground. But the big question is if City Mini GT will fold as small as the city mini?

  8. My 2011 ocean indie twin should be arriving today! SO excited! I watched your review about 10 times before I decided I decided to buy one! I just about had a heart attack that there might be big changes for 2012! Good thing, it’s just the color! Thanks for all your great reviews!

  9. When do the 2012s come out? Do you think that means the 2011s will go one sale? I am not having baby #2 until April 2012 so I can wait!

    1. The Bumbleride 2012s will probably be out in Feb/March but I’m not positive. I don’t necessarily think the 2011s will go on sale a lot because the prices for 2012 are going up. I would wait a little bit and grab a 2011 at the lower price.

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