New for Maclaren in 2011

We have had quite a few requests lately from parents wondering what will change for the 2011 Maclaren stroller line.  So, I thought I would do a post listing the changes for everyone.  

The lightweight (Maclaren’s lightest!) stroller, the 2011 Volo, is available in two vibrant new colors: Deep Water (a fun brilliant blue!) and Carmine Rose (a pink for all the princesses out there!).  In addition, the 2011 Volo also has a new argyle graphic on the leg and hoods of the stroller. 

SHOP 2011 Maclaren Volo here

The 2011 Triumph remains the same but is available in the great new color:  Crown Blue.

SHOP 2011 Maclaren Triumph here

The beloved Quest stroller has an improved leg extender to give your little rider a more comfortable ride.  The Quest also is available in three new colors:  Deep Water (that fab blue!), Carmine Rose (pink) and a Denim

SHOP 2011 Maclaren Quest Strollers here

The 2011 Techno XLR is available in a new color:  Persian Red

SHOP 2011 Maclaren Techno XLR here


  1. I Loved my old MacLaren especially the way it folds, but they really need to address the “tipping” issue. Not missing that part with my Bumbleride (That, and I love that I can face my baby….)


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