New from Baby Jogger for 2012 (VIDEO)

New from Baby Jogger for 2012 (VIDEO)

Baby Jogger debuted two brand new strollers for 2012 at the ABC Kids Expo this weekend.  With the launch of the Versa and City Mini GT and two new colors for the City Select and City Mini, there was so much to share with you that we grabbed the video camera.


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  1. Do the 2012 city elites comes with the upright straps? Does the GT have the same 6 compartment storage by the handlebars that the elite has? Thanks for your awesome reviews!

  2. Are there any video reviews that focus on the new City Mini GT DOUBLE stroller for 2012? I keep finding the same ones on the web that are highlighting the single.

  3. the versa is suitable from birth and has reclining seat and will attach car seat and carrycot. the city mini gt is also suitable from birth and reclines and can attach a car seat and carrycot-
    The GT will have all the updates that the mini has with the extras, therefore the new GT does have the velcro upright straps and additional support

  4. I would LOVE info on the new doubles….will the GT double accomodate two infant carseats at one time? Or am I limited to the City Select?

  5. I love the new city versa. Does it recline for a newborn? Also does it take an infant car seat?
    Thank you for the great reviews… i hope to see a full review soon for this stroller.

  6. Is there any way to get a GT before the new year? I really need to purchase a new stroller and the GT is perfect!!!!! But I have to have it before the new year.

    • Nope, I won’t even have my hands on one before the end of the year. Sorry about that, Natalie. My guess is beginning of January. – Hollie

  7. I second the request for info on new doubles! 🙂 Will the City Mini GT fit through doorways in the same manner as the City Mini? Any ideas on price and when it will be available?

  8. Can you explain the “forever air” tires??? Is this some kind of special technology that REALLY won’t go flat, or is that just a name they’ve branded on the tires even though they still COULD go flat? Do you have to pump them up? I like the looks of them and the better maneuverability, but Ive always avoided strollers with air tires because I don’t want to deal with flats (especially after reading about your aquarium horror story!)

  9. Thanks so much for the review! I have been waiting to see what the changes were before opening my 2011 baby jogger. Two questions- 1) Do you know if there are any changes to the elite for 2012? 2) Do you know when the 2012 strollers become available?

  10. I watched the review and saw the sand color new for City Select – but what’s the other new color? When will they be available for purchase?

  11. Thank you for the great review. Does the GT have magnetic strips for the Peek-A-Boo windows? Does the Versa’s seat recline? Thanks a bunch for the info.


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