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  1. I have two challenges with the new guidelines. The first is it appears that the children would have energy passed through them in the event of an incident and not the seat because their legs are resting on the back seats. I thought the whole idea with the energy absorbing foam was to prevent/reduce energy from the child. My second challenge is that some parents are moving the front seats to far forward creating an unsafe position for themselves or other passengers. Have they crash tested these guidelines?

  2. Well, we grow big kids. My 9yo outgrew his marathon by height (49″) at 3 1/2…he’s now 5’2″ and 155lbs with a men’s 10 shoe…he rides up front. In fact, he’s big enough to effectively drive my car around the farm.
    In my husband’s trucks I won’t be able to RF w/a convertible because it will block the side mirror…which I think is a HUGE safety concern. (We can turn off the airbag in both of his trucks).
    We’ll do what we can with the bambino on the way…but can’t promise we’ll hit 2!:)

  3. My 15 month old is rear-facing again in his Britax Marathon 70. His feet either go up the back of the seat or he bends his knees slightly. He’s not uncomfortable at all. I also purchased a new mirror for him to look at (a little more visually appealing than the standard mirror but safe).

  4. I really liked the link to the gallery of swedish car seats. I hope this puts this somewhat into perspective for us. Clearly many of those car seat and base styles are not even available in the US. These new recommedations are only 72 hours old. It’s going to take time to absorb and adapt. Maybe carseats will upgrade to those similar bases allowing more leg room and different designs all around. One week ago a parent waiting until their child was 1 AND 20 lbs was following the golden rule. Now if they have a 19 month old forward facing they are all the sudden doing something wrong? We need to allow time for change. It never happens overnight.

  5. Nava,
    thanks for letting me know. The car seat we purchased is alpha omega elite. The one we are using right now is similar just an older version. The old one has a good tilt and fits ok into our mazda. But the front seat has to be pushed to the front all the way not leaving much room for me. (5’6). In the prizm we could not put any car seat in except in the middle. But then my 6’2 husband would not be able to sit in the front at all. I wonder if something is wrong with the car seat we have since in order to get the right tilt we would have to shove 3 large towels under it and the front seat would have to come out no matter in which car we put it. What a frustration. I will definitely look into the car seat you mentioned.
    The gallery with the swedish car seats is quite interesting. I like the idea of the base since the seats seem to tilt much easier and better. it does’t seem right to have to prop ours up the way we do. Thanks for your help

  6. @Sylwia- We have a Geo (Chevy) Prizm too! and my tall, 33 lb, 2 year old is happily, comfortably rear facing in a Radian80. Let me know if you have any questions on fit etc. (you can email me at carseatsarecool at gmail) We searched long and hard for a seat that would fit our small back seat, still leave room on either side for passengers and go up to a high weight limit and the Radian does it all perfectly! I can post a picture on the Baby Gizmo facebook page if you want to see how it fits in a Prizm.

    It really isn’t difficult once you install it a few times.

    Also, most car seats (save for 3 brands), expire after 6 years. Which car seat are you currently using?

    The Scandinavian car seats are designed for bigger kids and are usually set back from car’s back seat with a ‘base’ of sorts. You can see a great gallery of rear facing Swedish kids (bigger kids!) here:

  7. my 1 year old is very tall and I don’t think she will be able to face rearward for very much longer. Also, I tried many rearward facing car seats and they don’t seem to fit properly into our cars. We have a chevy prizm, mazda5 and a mercury sable. We even went to get help from someone who specializes in putting in car seats and even she was not able to get it to level the way it should. We are stuck with a car seat that is 8 years old( nephew outgrew it) and that one is ok. We were told that 8 out of 10 people don’t have there car seats properly installed. The bigger the car seat the more difficult it becomes. I wonder how the scandinavian countries do this since they have their kids rearward facing for up to 4 years.

  8. I am so glad I have the Radian XTSL’s for my boys. The 97% that they both are makes some people question how long I will be able to keep them RF. My older boy hangs his leggs to the side or does a modified butterfly position usually. No comfort complaints. In fact he loves his bog boy seat! 45 lbs all the way!
    i knew it was the safest possible! 80lb 5pt harness too! v

  9. Erin, we have sort of had to deal with that issue. I think it is going to be up to the parents. I have two Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL’s that have a rear-facing limit of 45 lbs and I drive a Mazda CX7 with three car seats across the back seat. There is no way that my husband can fit in the passenger seat with one of those seats rear-facing behind him, even with the car seat braced against the back of the passenger seat. So we have our twin 3 1/2 year olds facing forward and our 10 month old facing backward. If we were to get a new car, I would turn my girls around until they hit the limit.

  10. If you have a flip down dvd player that hangs from the ceiling you can hang one of those infant car mirrors from the headrest so that while rearfacing they can still see the dvd playing:) or are those mirrors considered unsafe????

    Thanks for the video Hollie!

  11. What if the parents are bigger and the child is tall for their age, a rearward facing carseat will not fit in their car,how would people go about that, without having to fork out money for a new car, just so these carseats will fit? Just am interested 🙂

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