New Products and Updates for Baby Jogger for 2014

Baby jogger
ABC Kids Expo Update

Last week was the ABC Kids Expo and I had the opportunity to check out everything that will be new for Baby Jogger for 2014. There are two new strollers (the lightweight Baby Jogger Vue and the new Baby Jogger Summit Double), a newly redesigned bassinet and some changes to their existing collection. To get the whole scoop, check out our video straight from the show below.


  1. Hi, could you tell me if new harnesses (BJ Summit x3) are really big problem? In Czech Republic can buy only new models but now I’m not sure if I should buy it .. Thank you for replay

  2. I have the exact same question as Erica above! A closer look at the new harness would be great. How does it adjust, and what is the intended advantage of the puzzle piece? Thanks!

  3. The new harness on the 2014 Summit X3 is awful! Extremely hard to size to your child, straps are extra long ans over all it is a pain! Miserable…the 2013 was way easier. Not a fan and thinking about returning the stroller because of this! So sad bc I loved my 2013 model…guess that is what I get for wanting the newer model- newer is not always better!

  4. Hi, could you go into a little more detail on the new harness? Other than the new buckle and the thread-through vs. clip, does it adjust the same way as the previous harnesses? I’m going to get a City Select, but the only thing I dislike on my Summit is the harness, mostly for what a pain it is to adjust the length of the straps. If the new model solves this problem, I might wait until the new model year.


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