Yikes! Be Careful – Newborn Poop Stains

I learned recently why it is a good idea for manufacturers to make the safety harnesses removable for cleaning.  Now, I love my Peg Perego Tatamia!  It was even on my list of Month One:  My Must Have Baby Products.  It is a wonderful and versatile baby product that we have ended up using every day since Sutton was born 7 weeks ago.  But this weekend I found one flaw with the Tatamia.  The bottom part of the safety harness is screwed to the chair so that it is not removable for cleaning.  Normally, you would think this wasn’t such a bad thing.  Just spot clean it, right?  Sure, that works for most things. 

 This weekend I placed Sutton in the chair in the baby recliner mode without a blanket underneath.  I always put a blanket underneath him.  Not this time!  Wouldn’t you know it – this was the time that he has a diaper explosion.  Yep, a full diaper explosion out the sides of the onesie and onto the chair around him.   Since the seat is faux leather, it is very easy to wipe clean.  So, that was no problem.  But he basically covered the bottom of the light colored, 5-point harness in that bright yellow newborn poop.  Not good!  Like most moms know, that yellow poop stains!  And now I have yellow poop seeping into the material of the safety harness.  I immediately grab some cleaning cloths and start to clean up my little guy’s mess.  The seat cleaned up good as new.  I wasn’t so lucky with the harness.  I figured I would just remove the harness and soak it in some stain remover and we’d be good to go.  Yeah, that would be IF the harness was removable.  It’s not.  Well, the top part of the harness is removable but that wasn’t what was covered in poop.  So, I scrubbed as much as I could but sadly I now have a light yellow stain on the light grey harness to remind me of that day.  (It doesn’t make me love the Tatamia any less though.) 

If anyone asks, I’ll probably just tell them it is squash baby food instead of grossing them out that there is poop stain on the high chair.   I’m sure it won’t be the last thing that is covered in poop and I’m sure once we use the high chair mode spaghetti stains will follow.  Just so everyone knows, safety harnesses that are not removable are damn hard to clean!

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