The Next Great Series of Teen Books You’ll Love

Please tell me you didn’t think I was going to try and introduce you to Twilight or The Hunger Games? Although I have read those too, once they hit the big screen they kind of lose their luster. Everyone has seen them and you can no longer leave the characters and lands up to your own imagination.

And, of course, the books are always much better.

So, if you’ve been on the look out for the next big thing in teen books, I’m here to say, I’ve found it!

the-selection-series 650

The Selection series by Kiera Cass is truly a gem that both you and your tween or teen daughter will appreciate. Maybe even one you can read together?

Unlike other teen books that borderline on being too romantic or too violent, The Selection is a more appropriate choice with just as much suspense and gusto. It follows the story of America Singer, a poor girl in the country of Illea. Illea’s monarchy has perpetuated in a unique way. Almost like a modern day, classy version of The Bachelor. When an heir becomes of age for marriage, a young woman from each province is randomly selected from a pool of applicants to visit the castle in an attempt to win, fight for and woo their way towards the Prince’s hand.

This is the premise of the first book in The Selection series. I won’t go on for fear of spoiling the surprises that honestly make this series one of the biggest page turners of my reading career. After The Selection the story continues with The Elite, The One and then a jump into the future with The Heir. Book #5, the final installment in The Selection series is due out in 2016 so get to reading the first four as soon as you can! That way  you can wait in anticipation for the finale with me!