Nick Jr Changes Schedule, and Parents Protests

Nick Jr Changes Schedule, and Parents Protests

Let me begin by saying that before I became a mom, I vowed to never, ever allow my kids to watch TV. But then, I became a mom and had a baby within 20 months of having another baby and, well, things changed.

Now we watch TV. We don’t watch TV as much as when I brought my second child home from the hospital and didn’t have a break between breastfeeding and changing diapers and breastfeeding and changing diapers, but we still do watch TV.

Our favorite channel? Why, Nick Jr. Of course.

I know (or knew) the Nick Jr schedule line-up like the back of my right hand. Literally. I knew that when my girls woke up at 7:30 am, I could get a 5-minute shower while they watched Little Bear. I knew that I could eat dinner at 5:40 pm while my toddler caught the end of her favorite show, The Backyardigans.

I knew this until a couple of weeks ago when Nick Jr. decided to change their regular schedule line-up.

And I, like many moms and dads who’ve been Facebook-protesting the changes made by Nick Jr, am kind of annoyed with their changes. I’m kind of annoyed that many of the older series are completely gone from the network, series like Toot & Puddle (though I hated that show), Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids, Oswald (yeah, I hated that show, too), Jack’s Big Music Show, Franklin and Friends (the 90s version) and The Upside Down Show. In place of these shows, Nick Jr has added a weird-looking 3d version of Franklin and Friends, a new show called Mike the Night, and has focused on playing its more popular shows, Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, Team Umizoomi, and The Bubble Guppies during daylight hours. Older series like Little Bear, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Little Bill have been pushed into later time slots. Booo!

Along with the schedule switch up, another big change to the channel (you’ll need to be sitting for this) are that the beloved Moose and Zee are gone! Gone!

I know. I almost cried when I learned about this news. The tagline of Nick Jr. has also changed from “It’s Like Preschool on TV” to “The Smart Place to Play.”

These changes have left a lot of parents kind of upset. Don’t believe me and need a laugh at our very real first world problems? Check out Nick Jr.’s facebook page wall. Scroll down to the post on the schedule/tagline change. Just as a little taste, one commentator wrote, “LISTEN TO THE PARENTS AND CHILDREN. BRING BACK MOOSE AND ZEE NOW!” I know! We parents are serious!

Nick Jr. has defended its scheduling changes by emphasizing that their goals are to focus more on educating toddlers and preschoolers. In their words:

“Nick Jr. now offers an even more playful and engaging environment for your preschooler with an even deeper focus on education–because we understand that kids learn best when they’re having fun.”

So, yeah, I guess you can’t hate them for their goals, but I guess as a parent and secret fan of Nick Jr., the changes will take me some time to get used to.

What are your thoughts on Nick Jrs changed schedule line-up/tagline? 


  1. Not every 4 year old little girl likes Dino Dan…thanks Nick Jr. for replacing good, clean, simple material. Bring Little Bear back, not everything that is old has to be replaced!!! It worked 19 years ago for my oldest son and it works all these years later for my 4 year old

  2. I would like to see them have days occasionally that they would play some of the older things like Backyardigans and miss spider so that I can record them on the DVR.

  3. Please put moose and zee back on Nick Jr it sucks without them I Think noggin was better than nick Jr I Grew Up watching noggin and they changed it to nick Jr Change it Back to Noggin And Put Moose and Zee back on Please

  4. I am sitting in my living room watching my 7 year old play with her 3 year old cousin. Peppa Pig is on and happens to the the 3 year olds favorite show. It made me realize, the little ones will love whatever show is played constantly. My daughter loved the Backyardigans when she was 3 and I remember thinking back then, thank goodness they play the backyardigans so often since it’s her favorite! But I now realize it was probably her favorite because it was played so often! Just like peppa pig is today. It also prompted me to google “why are the backyardigans not shown anymore” which brought me to this post. I’m starting to think that change is harder on us the parents. I watched and discussed the shows my daughter watched as a wee little one and loved the characters and the routine and familiarity. It was a special time because we did it together and often made connections/references to “our” shows during real life situations. And when they dared to make the changes…my heart broke! Fast forward a few years and I have finally gotten over it. In fact if they were still playing the SAME line up today, both of us would be completely bored and would have abandoned the channel altogether by now, more than likely. I hate change, but I suppose it is necessary. However, I still miss Moose and Zee.

  5. Get over yourselves nick jr is so le I have a 4 yr old who cries when his favorite shows aren’t on nick jr doesn’t teach kids anything anyway my brother works for Nickelodeon writing tv shows and he says he only lets his kids watch PBS because though this station is his employer their shows suck I’d rather have my kids watch old episodes of Pete&Pete

  6. Whats really troubling is that now at ten pm they now have a “moms” show that has comics referring to children as curse words, joking about all forms of abuse and neglect, and totally inappropriate content. I mean, why do you want adult programing on a preschooler channel? If I pay for nick jr that’s what I want- if I want nick mom- well that’s what the other hundreds of channels are for- and even though my three year old is normally in bed at that time- if I want to stay ip with her on a weekend, if she’s up with a fever or bad dream, I want to have a appropriate show to cuddle with her and watch. Whats the point of calling it nick jr anymore? And how can u say ur about kids and education with the vial content your playing starting at ten pm now?!

  7. When I looked at the descriptions of the Nickmom lineup I almost died. Not only have my 4 yr olds favorites been taken off, but now there is Adult content on all of the shows…what if a child were to get up at night and go turn it on. I know my child is smart enough to find her favorite channel on the TV. I never thought I would have to put a BLOCK on NickJr. All of the great educational shows that were once on are gone so there isn’t really a reason for us to watch the channel at all. We only watch about an hour or so of TV but now it won’t be NickJr.

  8. Not only have them ruined the line up of shows, they’ve now added 2-4 hours an night of ADULT programming. I turned on Nick Jr tonight around 730pm MST (I let my son watch TV right before bed) – and what do my wondering eyes see !! ADULT stand up comedy about SEX!!! Are you kidding me?? We adults have all the other 1000s of channels on TV – at least leave Nick Jr alone. Cartoons 24/7 is PERFECT! I can record at night whatever shows were missed during the day that my son showed interest in.

    Now they have ADULT programming on!! What are they thinking!!

    And Nick Jr was WAAAAYYYY better as Noggin.

  9. I am very upset about this change… My daughter and watch her favorite shows in the morning together and don’t watch tv the rest of the day. No all that’s on is sponge bob. It’s ridiculous.

  10. I really hate when the children get use to the scheduled program and then someone comes along and changes it. Its like taking a baby off of their feeding schedule..they are use to going to sleep to certain programs and waking up to certain one. I am really upset at the change that Nick Jr. has done, my daughter lives with me with her son and every night when my grandson went to bed he would go to sleep watching the upside down show, I would lye there with him until he fell asleep. There’s hardly any good children’s tv shows and so why take off the good ones, please reconsider bringing these shows back for the sake of the children, the choice shouldn’t be yours but the choice should lie in what the children love because that is who you are suppose to be catering to. Its hard to explain to a 3 or 4 yr. old what happened to his/her favorite show on tv, they would never understand, then we have to deal with the fussing and crying because they want to see their show. New is not always better and these new shows you are putting on is going to force alot of children to find other interest and not like Nice jr. anymore and yes that can happen. So please consider bringing these shows back to Nick Jr.

  11. The the ‘Missing Oswald and More Poster’: You said EXACTLY what I think and feel about this situation. Oswald was our quiet cozy morning show too. It was a peaceful way to start off my two year-old daughter’s day after breakfast. As of today (3/21), Nick Jr. has changed the line up again and brought some shows back to daytime, like the very silly Pocoyo (not highly educational but fun to watch). Ni Hao Kailan was unfortunately one of our favorites that is sitll banished to late night. Team Oomi Zoomi is an excellent show, and I hope they never remove it from the line-up. Anyway, you are right–children crave routine and to keep switching things around and making them say good-bye to their “tv friends” they’re learning from is rather insensitive to the audience their network is designed for–it makes no sense whatsoever.

  12. I hate the changes! My kids loved moose and zee and most of the shows they cancelled. I turn it off for Diego and Dora and don’t really care for the bubble guppies either. Luckily we recorded some of the ones they cancelled. Looks like we are gig to have to find a new channel to watch:(

  13. I hate the changes! My kids loved moose and zee and most of the shows they cancelled. I turn it off for Diego and Dora and don’t really care for the bubble guppies either. Luckily we recorded some of the ones they cancelled. Looks like we are gig to have to find a new channel to watch:(

  14. How about consider what are children like and enjoy instead of the Almighty dollar. I’m really ticked off…not just about Moose n Zero but Yo Gabba Gabba. Just sad

  15. please change back! bring back moose and zee, my son is so upset! I’m not watching your channel anymore until you do and at least 30 others who are doing the same! you guys are mean and don’t care about little kids you only care about money!!

  16. Nick Jr is officially a sellout. They have traded beloved shows by children for mass marketed money makers (i.e. Dora, Diego and Bubble Guppies) so they can sell more toys and shirts etc etc. We are heartbroken over the loss of our morning snuggle show Oswald. And our dance around the living room before naptime Jack’s BigMusic Show. Please don’t tell me the Fresh Beats or Backyardigans is next. Moose and Zee were such a captivating duo for my children it is truly hard for us to believe the network did away with them. I truly hope that as parents we can influence Nick Jr to at least go back to SOME of the old shows. Kids LOVE routines and it’s so hard as a parent to explain why things they love are gone.

  17. I was completely mortified when I found out nick Jr changed its line up I noticed zee n mouse were gone and I couldn’t understand it. Who made these crazy decisions now my baby and I are stuck watching oomi zumi booooo!!!! its annoying and he’s not happy those things scare him my baby and I r protesting yes I said it my toddler n I are standing up for our rights…parents we r so ridiculous lol

  18. I have to agree. My son will not sit and watch it anymore. Nick Jr used to b engaging and colorful, it made even parents want 2 watch it. Now, as a parent of a 3yr old, NICK JR IS AWFUL NOW! Bring back Moose n Zee, and all of the shows that left with them! My son used to love all of the monthly themes and their songs. He even still walks around singing thr Taxi song. He won’t even sit and watch it anymore. I really need for the Nick Jr exec’s to hear our complaints becuz the kids nor the parents are happy with this horrible change.

  19. It’s such a shame that the Nick J.R. channel producers are using the Disney Channel’s themes. That’s one of the lamest marketing/attention getting techniques used ever. A hit below the belt! It makes the Nick J.r. producers look like they have no class, no integrity. Not a cool thing. There’s a saying “Be true to who you are”. Nick j.r. can be successful without using Disney Channel’s themes. That is the way one produces something original, appealing to the audience, and introduces fresh insight. I would laugh if it was possible for Disney Channel to sue Nick J.r., and if they did, I would clap “Bravo” to that. As a parent, I love Nick J.r. for children, but that idea of Nick J.r. using lots of Disney Channel theme designs and similar images is so lame and amateur. It’s too late for Nick J.R. to change their themes.

  20. I am SO very upset that moose a moose & zee d bird are gone. My toddler is sad and we will be taking Nick Jr. off of our program, it cost us extra to have that channel. All of my toddler’s favorite shows have been removed or moved to times that she is asleep. No more cany corn, puzzle time or goofy fun songs from them. I dislike Nick Jr. very much and feel that the new line up is dumb! They should just change the name to The Dora & Diego Network!!! Bye bye nick jr…..

  21. I can’t believe this, I just can’t! I am so upset, so very upset. I will be going to their facebook page right now!

  22. This is what I sent as my feedback about the changes to Nick Jr inbox.
    This message in regard with Nick Jr. change in lineup and programming. The change is highly dissapointing to many parents and I am just one of them. First, by removing Moose and Zee, you removed the whole educational concept that these two characters represented on Nick Jr. Parents and littles ones enjoy watching riddles, puzzles, educational situations, and wonderful songs performed by these characters in-between the shows. We do enjoy these characters sometimes even more than shows. My one year old is fascinated by Moose and stops everything to watch it withought blinking! My four year old loves the songs and educational scenes. Second, where are all the wonderful songs performed by different performers in between the shows? We absolutely love those. My kids are not doing physical part commanded by Dora nowdays; they did it by dancing and watching different artists sing. You took away all of that for what? For more of the same characters that children already watched on the shows? That is plain overkill and turn-off. That does not register with little ones at all. They ignore all of that. Look, we like Dora, Diego and Guppies but give us an educational break, more of the same is turn-off. showing commercials of your own shows that little ones watch anyways is ridiculous. Bring back the educational part with Moose and Zee!! Not everything needs to be loud, bold and edgy – not with the audience of under one through five! You took what used to stand you apart from the rest of the “noise” on TV which we never watched in our house, and destroyed it in one day and for what? For yo-ho-ho and arhhhhh????? That is supposed to be better? I am an adult, and my head was spinning after watching this nonsense for an hour. Now, you are like any other channel that we never watch! if this continues, we’ll drop Nick Jr and spend our $$ elsewhere. There is nothing that stands you apart from the rest of zombee-like TV, there is no value to us anymore. also, whatever hapenned to the nice shows like miss Spider, Big jack music show, up side down show, old franklin? where is the variety? We like watching Dora, Diego and Guppies but other shows are highly popular with us too. And Variety is the key to any palate. why did you turn it into DORA DIEGO factory? Little bear in the middle of the day was a nice quiet serene break to all of the noise with its classical music in the background,- what hapenned to that? The new slogan “the smart place to play” makes no sense – kids do not play on TV, they watch it. ‘prESCHOOL ON Tv was brilliant, you could have kept it forever and it would never get old! My goodness, whoever did these changes has no clue to what it is like to be a stay home parent with little ones, or any other clue about little kids whatsoeve. We do not watch the channel continuously all day long, but we do watch it everyday and are big fans, or rather used to be before this nightmare happenned. please change it back to what it used to be, and we’ll be loyal to it to the rest of our days. We don’t need disney jr if this is what have cased the change. do not freak out over that. Just please change it back. you will make a lot of parents and little ones happy. we’ll forgive you this screw up like it never happeNNED> PLEEASEe. Sincerely, one family from Bremen, Indiana.

  23. I love the new changes but will miss the old too. I always felt like miss. spider friends, Or toot and puddle were just somethings to keep their attention.. I dont know about you but I dont feel I ever learned anything from shows like Full house or step by step which always had a lesson involved. I feel like moral dilemma and values should be taught parents not TV. I am a HUGE fan of team umizoomi and bubble guppies. I feel between those two shows that might be all the TV my boys need.

  24. Honestly, I think we are going to hold off on watching Nick Jr now. My twins are 19 months old and some of the shows are too old for them. They really don’t watch tv anyway but I like to distract them for a few minutes with music and Jack’s Big Music Show and Yo Gabba Gabba were the best for that. I also liked that both shows featured young children dancing and singing as well. I don’t like the animation of all of these new shows. Even Sesame Street is too animated now. I think I’ll have to buy some videos

  25. As a fellow mom to a 2 and 4 year old I once let my kids watch nick jr more than i should have. now that they are a bit older, i try to limit tv to a show in the morn, and a show before bedtime. i noticed that super annoying moose was gone, so happy! not too shaken up though as we don’t watch it that much! i just dvr peppa pig for a bedtime show 🙂

  26. I think if you’re watching the tv so much that you’ve become dependent on the line up, then you’re probably watching the tv too much. I’m not judging, because I was once in your shoes, and I once threw a fit about the schedule changes of the past (okay, fine…. I have thrown MANY fits about the MANY schedule changes of the past!).

    Change is a good thing. It’s good for our kids to understand that change happens and they CAN adapt. If your kids don’t like what’s on tv, turn it off! Let them read books, or heaven forbid, PLAY and use their imaginations!

    Again, I’m not judging. I’ve been there. It’s hard to take that first step into the world of not watching tv, but once you venture out there, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing! Try it!

  27. My daughter learned a LOT from the repetitive Moose. I will miss him. We will also miss Sunny Patch and Oswald. What a shame. I didn’t like Oswalk, but my daughter loved it. Oh well, the new Disney Jr. is coming out soon on Verizon, so we will at least have another option!

  28. I am so glad they got rid of the moose! He was so repetitive and I hated him. I hated hearing his voice 100 times a day .. even though my kid’s don’t watch tv all day , its still on for back round noise. I like the new shows and if my 3 year old wants to watch something then its something she wants to watch that’s new and interesting. Although i hate the new knight show and think Yo Gabba Gabba should be taken off the air.. but that’s just me.

  29. Get used to it! I felt the same way 12 years ago when I had the toddler and baby and Disney channel did the same thing. Oh and so did Nick Jr. It happens, it sucks, but you will watch what is good and give your business and times to others when it sucks. That is the best message you can give the network.


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