Night School with Lands’ End

I went to night school this past weekend in New York. Not the kind of night school you are thinking of though because this one was with Lands’ End. It was a back-to-school themed event thrown by MomTrends and Lands’ End to highlight the new fashions.

Lands' End

We were taken to the event in a classic, big yellow school bus. While it was a great trip down memory lane, I’m sure glad I don’t ride in those things anymore especially when it is 95 degrees in NYC.

To get all the guests involved in the event, we were given a “report card” to get filled out throughout the night as we aced the courses such as backpacks, healthy lunches, dresses, hair school, design your first day look, new plus size and back-to-school fashions.

In order to look our best at this school event, stylists from Warren Tricomi Salon fixed up my hair and the make-up school freshened me up with Revlon products. All this hair and makeup was just in time for my not-so-great class photo.

To refresh my knowledge of the fabulous Lands’ End fashions, we talked about backpacks, jeans, dresses and back-to-school looks for the kids.

One thing I am super excited about the Lands’ End line is the new Invisible IronKnee patches that are placed into the legs of their jeans. This is brilliant especially when my 7 year old comes home within a week or two of the first day of school with holes in her brand new jeans every year. Without fail, I ask her about the holes and she shrugs her shoulders and mumbles “I dunno.” I think I’m about to become a Lands’ End jeans convert for my kids thanks to these new invisible patches!

Lands' End Jeans

We also got a chance to see the kids’ collection for back-to-school that included a-line dresses, hoodie vests, boots, bright skirts and striped tights. There was even a contest for the best designed first day look. We were to choose from the racks of boys and girls clothes, shoes and accessories to create our look to submit. Unfortunately, I arrived at that class a little late (I went there last – Doh!) because everything was picked through. Plus, no shoes, bags, or accessories left to make that magical look. So, I grabbed a couple blue pieces for girls that was left and submitted those for the stylists to photograph for my entry. The stylists are picking two winners but I have a funny feeling that my quick throw together look isn’t going to win because it wasn’t finished with the great accessories that they have but weren’t available for me to use. You can “like” my outfit HERE if you want to show me a little support though! (Just visualize it with great shoes, fun tights and a cute hat!) 🙂

lands end outfit

To finish up my report card, I checked out the holiday wrap dresses for moms and learned about the new plus-size line that included floral tunics and boot-cut pants.

Lands' End Plus Size

Overall, it was a great evening with a great brand. I was so excited about the new collections, that when we headed out for a little back-to-school shopping on Monday, we hit the Lands’ End collection at Sears because they have a lot on sale right now!

For all the Lands’ End Back-to-School looks visit their website at